Do you want to hire a sign company for custom halo-lit channel letters? Contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics today to get a quote today!Do you want to hire a sign company for custom halo-lit channel letters?

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There are several ways to attract customers to your business using a practical and appealing signage system. Channel letters are one of the many amazing ways to advertise your business and gain attention from potential customers.

The best part about channel letters is the range of hues that one can use to create the lettering. You can use these signs for indoor or outdoor signage, depending on your requirements. We recommend halo-lit channel signs for businesses that need to spruce up their image and gain attention from people who aren’t their customers yet.

Why Use Halo-lit Channel Letters

These channel letter signs are backlit, so we do not use transparent letters for the front part of the signage. The back part is where we have to focus the glow, so we prefer translucent material.

This way, light can diffuse easily through the back of the sign and create a halo effect for the channel letters. If the sign is mounted directly to a wall, the glow is even more magical!

Channel letter signs are versatile. You can get them in any shape, size, or color of your choice. They will not only look good on the outside of your building, but you can also use them for indoor signs, like glowing directional signs.

They are extremely cost-effective too! Channel letter signs are made up of durable materials like acrylic and aluminum. With LED lights and these long-lasting products, channel lights can save you the expense of spending more on signs soon.

Mounting Ideas for Halo-Lit Channel Letters

We offer many mounting options to our clients. Different signage needs different mounting styles for maximum impact, so halo-lit channel letters also require unique mounting ideas. Here are some of the options we provide at Forerunner Signs & Graphics:

Raceway Mounting:

Raceway mount makes it easier to install or uninstall the halo-lit sign. The installation does not require much wall penetration, making it a popular choice for many industries. Raceways are metal boxes with circuits for each channel letter. They are perfect for the halo effect for any channel letter sign.

Backer Mounting:

This mounting method is similar to raceways except for the use of metal boxes. We mount the letters to a metal cabinet which is a lot bigger than the channel letters. Since the cabinet is separate from the letters, the wiring circuits are added separately. They are sitting inside the metal cabinet, and once lit, they give the halo effect to the channel letters.

Direct Mounting:

Direct mount is also called flush mount. Instead of using a metal box or cabinet, we mount the channel letters directly to the wall of your building. We use non-corrosive fasteners to attach the letters and install the wiring circuits to the back of the wall. This method is useful if you want your channel letters to glow on the plain backdrop of your building’s wall.

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