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Thinking of investing in a bespoke dimensional logo sign for your lobby? Here are some designing, material, and installation ideas for dimensional signs that will certainly help you!  

Dimensional logo signs have slowly overtaken all other types of lobby signage and have become the favorite sign of most businesses. Each letter of these signs and all the elements of the company’s logo are cut individually and mounted on the lobby wall. This creates an undeniably magical dimensional effect, which is quite irresistible and garners maximum attention. The best part about these signs is that you can custom-create them in a wide variety of ways to ensure that they are a hit with your employees and customers alike.

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So, let’s take a look at what makes dimensional letters so special and how you can maximize the eye-catching nature of dimensional logo signs!

Dimensional Letters Have an Undeniable Wow Factor

Typical lobby signs have letters and logos that are produced with a flat-cut, which enables them to be fitted flush to the wall. Your customers are likely attuned to seeing such lobby signs on the regular. This is where dimensional signs can change the game for your business. You can use the three-dimensional nature of these signs to take your customers by surprise and give them something refreshing to look at. These signs have the potential to add a touch of sophistication as well as glamour to your lobby!

Make the Right Choice of Material

When it comes to signage, you must always stick to a material that complements your brand. Is your company more inclined to play with wood, plastic, or metal? Wood signifies sturdiness and strength, which is a great asset when you want our customers to associate those same qualities with your brand.

Metal is often associated with longevity and can aid your business in creating the same sort of impression about your brand and company on the minds of your customers. Meanwhile, plastic is a great creative option that allows you to play around with various styles. This is why it works great if you’re looking for a sign that can highlight your creativity.

Alternatively, if you want an affordable material for your sign that can also help you give off the right impression to your customers, then nothing beats foam core signs. Not only is it lightweight and affordable, but it can also be used with different plastic and metal laminates for impressive branding.

Installation Is the Key

Whether you want your sign to have an understated elegance or a bright presence, the right installation technique can help you achieve that. You can opt for the horizontal appeal if you want to save your vertical space for some other decorative elements. For instance, you can opt to place your sign between a stylistic wall mural and a chair rail. It will certainly create a visually pleasing image.  

Alternatively, if you have a striped or patterned wallpaper, then you can make your dimensional letters stand out by adding an artistic swirl to your letters and logos. You can also add a complementary wall graphic with your sign to make it pop.

If the wall of your lobby is not the ideal substrate for your dimensional sign, then you can opt for a board to go with your sign. Choose a hue that contrasts with your sign and the wall. It will help increase the three-dimensional effect of your sign as well thanks to the shadowy display.

If you want high-quality custom dimensional logo signs for your lobby, then visit our website today!

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