Custom Channel Letters

Wondering how your business can make a great first impression on potential customers? All you need to do is contact a local sign company that can design custom channel letters for your business!

Custom channel letters make a powerful statement. Unlike other advertising tools, custom channel letters are three-dimensional, protrude from the building behind them and demand a higher level of attention.

Custom channel letters can transform your business into an attention magnet. LED-lit, raised channel letters are extremely effective, particularly during the nighttime. Potential customers that are walking or driving by will be able to easily locate and identify your business.

What Is A Channel Letter Sign?

A standard channel letter sign is a three-dimensional graphic sign. It is usually made from sheet metal, such as aluminum as it doesn’t rust. The modern channel letter signs are also illuminated with energy-efficient LED lighting.

You can customize the channel letters for distinct branding with the following design options:

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters are a very attractive option for custom channel letters and several high-end business owners use this option to make their business stand out.

In this option, the letters themselves aren’t lit. However, the LED lights light up the surface behind the sign and bring attention to the lettering. You can pick almost any color combination or configuration for your sign and the color for the backlighting.

Reverse channel letters are a popular choice for channel letter lighting because of the halo effect that boosts their visibility at nighttime.

Mounting Channel Letter

Channel letter signage can either be flush mounted, which means that they’re directly attached to the building façade, or they can be mounted on a wireway or raceway.

A raceway is a rectangle-shaped mounting structure that works as a mounting structure and container for the signage’s electrical components, such as a power supply.

A wireway also works as a mounting structure but it usually only contains the wiring. It’s broader and thinner than a raceway and can be used as a backer panel for the channel letter set.

Why Use Channel Letters?

There are plenty of benefits of using channel letter signs, such as the ones highlighted below.

Last Few Words

If you run a restaurant or any kind of store, custom channel letters will help draw customers to your business. The experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will create the perfect channel letter signage for your business.

To start working on your custom channel letter signs, dial (913) 469-1500, or visit our website here!

Michael Ryan