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Monument signs are outdoor signs ideal for companies with a large area outside their building. They are free-standing signs that require no support from a large architectural structure. When businesses want prospective customers to see their outdoor signs from a distance, they install monument signs.

You can easily customize them to incorporate different designs and features that improve versatility. Regardless of your location, monument signs can provide the visibility you want for your business on a busy street. You can customize your monument signs in many different ways, but certain factors affect their performance.

Monument Signs Design Factors

While designing a new custom monument sign for your business, you have to consider the following factors:

Contrast of Colors:

The color contrast factor is important for monument signs as this signage is supposed to capture attention from a distance. You can use vibrant colors that are easy to spot and even use your brand colors to mark the monument sign as an important element of your branding.

Material Choice:

Monument signs are supposed to be durable and long-lasting, without any repair costs for years. Therefore, wisely select a material that can withstand weather conditions, expected and unexpected damage. The most common choice of materials for monument signs are acrylic, metal and aluminum, plastic, wood, and stone.

Design Simplicity:

If the monument sign is not easy to understand, you may end up losing customers. You can communicate your message using simple words and designs to make the sign look professional and stylish. Avoid complicated text, graphics, and too many colors. Only then will your sign look interesting to your potential customers or visitors.


It’s imperative to design your monument sign based on the location you will place it. Select the location carefully and make sure it’s in direct line of sight from the main road or the street you are targeting. You can test the visibility by standing 100 feet away from the sign’s possible location to determine whether it will be visible.  

Forerunner Signs & Graphics’ Monument Signs

Monument signs, make a strong statement with a sign that sits outside of your business space freestanding at eye-height or a pole mount.;indoor and outdoor signage; vehicle wraps and graphics; window, wall and floor graphics; trade show displays; custom signs and graphics in Kansas City; lobby and office signs in kansas city; directional and wayfinding signs in kansas city; channel letters signs in kansas city, monument and pylon signs in kansas city; event and temporary signs in kansas city; americans with disabilities signs in kansas city; cabinet signs in kansas city; post & panel signs in kansas city; neon signs in kansas city; dimensional signs in kansas cityForerunner Signs & Graphics offers four types of monument signs. They are:

Architectural Freestanding Signs – These signs are ideal if you want to stay visible at night. They can be installed with lights and lightweight wood to stay durable for a long time.

Outdoor Directory Signs – You may be located in an area with restrictive sign regulations, but outdoor signs can help you out. They can be placed outside the building in a direct line of sight so that your customers can find you easily.

Digital Displays – These signs are ideal for conveying important messages and offers to your customers. You can use them to display rotating content as well!

Pylon Signs – They are ideal for a busy area where a small monument sign may go unnoticed. A Pylon sign is visible from miles away and can include multiple business names as well.

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Monument signs can be very beneficial for the growth of your business. If you wish to improve your company’s visibility with an effective outdoor sign, reach out to Forerunner Signs & Graphics to create a custom sign today!

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