How to Start a Contractor Yard Sign Campaign

contractor yard sign

Even contractors need to advertise!

As a contractor, visibility is a key element for becoming and staying successful. When you target a neighborhood in particular, it pays to go further than being satisfied with a direct mail campaign. This is where a contractor yard sign campaign can make a huge difference.

Starting Your Campaign

marketing with yard signs

Marketing with yard signs is a breeze.

Contractor signage usually involves a double-sided high-quality yard sign that your workers install on the property of a customer. Examples include the markers that identify the names of roofers, landscapers, solar panel installers and driveway repair professionals – as well as those of a host of other service businesses. Starting your marketing campaign with yard signs does not have to be difficult. Here are a few simple steps 

  • Get a contract. Find a neighbor in the area that you are targeting who has a need for the services or products that you provide.
  • Install a yard sign. Even if the extent of the work only includes an air conditioner tune up or a roof vent installation, install a yard sign as soon as you pull up.
  • Send out workers. Have some of your workers scour the neighborhood for other consumers who need work done. Even when someone only invites you to come by for a free estimate, nevertheless install a yard sign. If you are hired, keep it in place. If the consumer elects not to go through with the work, simply remove it after giving the estimate.
  • The effect of this campaign is clear. You succeed at making your name a repetitive display in the area. Your company becomes a household name. As consumers see your business name combined with the product or service you provide, you build brand awareness.

What are the Right Signage Products?

Advertising with yard signs

Contractor yard signs can be simple yet effective with help from Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

Standard contractor yard signs for Overland Park, KS, feature the name of the business, the niche and contact information. A logo is frequently also part of the display. Yet when you are actually undertaking a marketing campaign, it is a good idea to expand the scope of the signage somewhat. Opt for larger signs than you would ordinarily display at a job site. In addition, ensure that the display imitates the look of your website’s name and logo presentation.

Finally, add verbiage that identifies additional aspects of your business model. For example, when you are invited to provide free estimates to a consumer, place a yard sign onto the property that lists this facet of the business. When you are hired to haul away an appliance, advertise that you provide environmentally friendly appliance removal services.

Starting Your Signage Order Today

The professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics are looking forward to design and manufacture the contractor yard signs that can help you build your business. We work with you on the design’s look, the various messages that you want to communicate and on the setup of the size and overall appearance. For example, did you know that you do not have to stick with the traditional square signage design? Some of our most successful clients choose to have a cutout that represents a niche-specific image. Contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics today to get started. And, since you're starting an ad campaign, why not consider contractor vehicle graphics?