Iron Tribe Fitness Shines With a Custom Sign

Located in Overland Park, KS, Iron Tribe Fitness combines healthy nutrition counseling with personal coaching and science-based body movement training.This gym does not set up classes for the sake of putting a checkmark next to your doctor’s highly recommended exercise schedule. Rather, these classes focus on results-based fitness and build community. They allow you to set goals, enjoy a sociable atmosphere, get encouraged and live up to friendly challenges.

Get Noticed with Channel Letters

Iron Tribe Fitness custom sign

Iron Tribe Fitness made a bold statement with their custom illuminated sign.

When the franchise opened up in Overland Park, the franchisee needed to easily spot signage that would identify this gym night and day. The management team contacted Forerunner Signs & Graphics for assistance. We looked over the artwork that the franchisor uses and conducted a site survey for the measurements. We constructed channel letters that we mounted directly to the building’s façade to build a custom sign that suited their specific needs.

Their custom sign is front lit, which allows the illumination to escape from the front of the sign. We spelled out “Iron Tribe” in orange with white sides while “Fitness” is spelled out in blue with white sides. Because of its bright colors, the sign appeals to workout enthusiasts during the night as well as during the day. Perfectly centered above the facility’s entryway, the sign not only assists with marketing, branding and wayfinding, but it also beautifies the look of the façade.

Advantages of Channel Letters

custom channel letter sign

Iron Tribe Fitness chose a channel letter sign to boost their brand!

You do not have to be a franchisee to appreciate the advantages of the illuminated channel letter signs. Here are a number of advantages to using channel letters:

  • Budget-friendly. The combination of the aluminum body, polycarbonate facing and LED lighting is not a budget buster. In addition, you have the option of installing channel letters to a raceway or directly to the building’s façade. Depending on the consistency of your façade, this flexibility also saves you money.
  • Easy branding. You use the font and letter look that those doing business with your company are acquainted with. In the case of a franchise, it instantly makes you a recognizable brand in the local business community. Choose from a broad range of colors or have us mix your custom color for the unique appearance that you are banking on for easy recognition.
  • Easy fit. Even as you stand out from the competition, channel letters usually fit into the overall atmosphere of a strip mall, shopping center or among stand-alone storefronts. This makes permitting a snap, which in turn speeds up your overall signage installation process.
  • Combination options. Some business owners elect to have their logo displayed via a lightbox cabinet. In other cases, the company chooses to add niche-specific artwork to surround the channel lettering. Doing so supports the niche-specific branding of your company while adding visually aesthetic style elements grab the eye just as easily as the logo or name display.

Getting Started

Call our signage experts today for more information on this product as well as other signage solutions. We offer signage packages that underscore the message of your channel letters. Consider the use of window lettering, posters and exterior flutter flags as well as A-frames to catch the eye. Banners, too, have the power to get you plenty of attention when setting up your business.