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Directional & Wayfinding Signage

Are you looking for wayfinding signs for your business?

The experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics offer the following advice.

Signs are often used to promote a company’s brand identity and create their unique position in the industry. However, some signs have an informational and directional purpose, such as wayfinding signs. Business owners use them to deliver important information and help visitors navigate their premises easily.

There is no specific industry requirement for wayfinding signs, as most companies need them in their facilities. These signs play a crucial role in regulating foot traffic. Therefore, a business owner needs to be careful about designing wayfinding signs for their company.

Advice from Sign Company Experts

Forerunner Signs & Graphics specializes in wayfinding signs’ creation and installation. Our experts have years of experience in the field, so they know what works. Below are a few key points about wayfinding signs that they have discussed:

1. User Experience Is Important:

Signs are meant to improve customers’ experience. Therefore, it’s only fair to consider their opinions and preferences while designing a wayfinding sign. The design should reflect your customers’ expectations and solve their problems effectively. One way to discover their perspective is to immerse yourself in the customer experience and understand which wayfinding strategy works best.

2. Usability and Inclusivity:

Unlike other signs that promote your brand or logo, wayfinding signs have a specific purpose of helping your customers or visitors. If they can’t access or understand them, it defeats the purpose of creating the wayfinding signs. So when you are designing a new sign, make it accessible and inclusive of different languages, ADA compliance, etc.

3. Don’t Forget Brand Identity:

Wayfinding signs have the primary purpose of conveying information, but they can be an element of your brand identity. You can let your customers or visitors know that they are an important part of your brand. You can also ask your customers what they think is an effective wayfinding sign.

4. Aim for Effortless Interaction:

We only notice the absence or unusefulness of a sign when we are lost. If your customers do not find your wayfinding signs helpful, you might not benefit from using the most creative design ever! Branding and customer experience are only effective when the signs are helpful; therefore, aim to create a design that facilitates effortless interactions with your customers.

5. Create a Seamless Design

It’s an important factor that most business owners seem to neglect. The signs have to stand out, but they should also be seamless with the architecture, landscape, or interior design. When the design of your wayfinding sign is integrated with its surroundings, it looks aesthetically pleasing and functional. Such signs can also provide long-term value to your business and your customers.

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