Three Outdoor Signage Maintenance Tips

outdoor-signage-maintenance-tipsOutdoor signage is a great marketing tool and an easy way to capture the best opportunities within the community. Custom outdoor signs and monuments signs are quite a substantial investment and businesses must take care of these tools in order to leverage the best benefits of the investment.

Listed below are some simple yet effective tips of outdoor sign maintenance.

  • Keeping the outdoor signs optimally clean is the secret to their long life. Schedule regular cleaning of the outdoor sign to keep it free from dirt, grime and rust. While some signs can be cleaned by using simple household cleaners, some signs may need professional help. If power washing is an option, ensure that the pressure used is less than 2000 psi and the temperature of the water is lower than 180* F. The nozzle must be held 10-12 inches away and at a perpendicular angle.
  • Schedule regular sign maintenance by hiring a reliable sign company. Traces of cracking and peeling must be attended to immediately. The sign company can perform the repair service at an earlier stage before the damage worsens. This condition is mandatory in places with extreme temperatures.
  • Take up precautionary methods like protective coating the sign, checking the brackets that are attaching to the sign and so on. A good sign repair and maintenance service will be the right source to educate building owners with more and more maintenance tips.

Regular monitoring of sign conditions, helps nip off issues during the earliest stages and saves the owner from spending too much on repair services.