Using LED and Neon Signs Inside Your Business!

Interior LED Signs for Kansas CityYou already know that Forerunner Signs & Graphics is your go-to expert for exterior LED and neon signs for Kansas City. Yet did you also know that our graphic artists also specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of these types of signs for the inside of your company space?

Illumination Draws the Eye

Lit signage gets attention. Business clients routinely commission lit channel letter or box cabinet signs for their buildings. When the lights turn on after dark, the colors of the signage remain vibrant and beckon to consumers. Now imagine using this understanding on the inside of your office or retail space.

Ideas for Interior LED and Neon Signs in Kansas City Business Venues

Interior Neon Signs Kansas CityIf you are looking at your point of purchase signs, banners and decals, wondering if there is another way to shake things up on the inside, you now have the option of bringing LED and neon technology indoors.

  • Wall art. A broad range of attractive swirls and words easily become artwork. Rely on customized neon bulb designs to create fanciful works of wall art that turn any space from so-so to wow. This is ideal for a technology company or any type of avant-garde retail business.
  • Shelf signage. How do you label the shelves around the perimeter of your store? In the grocery business, this could refer to the dairy counter, the meat cooler and the vegetable section. In the past, a PVC sign might have done the trick. Today, consider the use of shaped neon bulbs to spell out the products.
  • Lobby sign. The lobby sign comes in a broad range of sizes and looks. With LED technology, it is now possible to add illumination to a standard sign for an even more impressive appearance. Backlit signage has the power to greatly enhance the look of a reverse cut sign as well as other markers.
  • Kansas City Neon SignsCo-branding. Bar owners already know that displaying neon signs from brewers is a surefire way of suggesting products to thirsty customers. Nowadays, this type of display is considered the hallmark of a traditional bar setting. Since consumers in search of old-fashioned neighborhood bars recognize this look, many a start-up is using the technology to appeal to this segment of the population.
  • Overhead wayfinding signage. Choose neon bulbs shaped into words for overhead wayfinding signage. In the alternative, install thin box cabinets – lit internally with LEDs – that point the way. Place them perpendicular to the wall.
  • Advertising messages. Speaking of thin box cabinets, did you know that lit cabinets – once again, LEDs are the illumination source of choice – let you show off intricate product displays? Attached behind counters and on shelves, they set the tone for a customer’s buying experience.

Commissioning Your Interior Signage Today

Talk to our experts today to learn more about using LED and neon signs inside your business. There is no shortage of possible applications. We work with you to identify excellent display venues, sketch out a look that you will love and then manufacture the product. Call us today to get started.

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