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How do custom dimensional letter signs boost your business visibility?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using dimensional letters from Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

When looking for the right type of signage for your business, you have many options to choose from. Every sign type has a different purpose, and if you select the wrong one, your business will lose customers. Let’s take outdoor signs, for example. If you use small lettering with a complex font, no one will be able to tell it apart from the other signs on the same street or building.

You need to pick the signage that would fit perfectly with the location. If you are looking for lobby signs or outdoor building signs, dimensional letters are a great choice.

Dimensional letters are also called 3D letters, and they are molded, cut, or fabricated according to your business needs. The letters are raised on a surface with an unlit background, so the signs look professional and neat.

With the help of dimensional letters, you can take your business visibility to the next level and stand apart from your competitors.

Benefits of Custom Dimensional Letters

Dimensional signs are big, bold letters, easily visible from a distance. When people pass by your business location, they will notice the sign and read the word(s). There are many other benefits of using dimensional letters for your company’s signage system. Here are some of them:


You can use dimensional signs indoors and outdoors because they can last longer than many other signs. The secret is in the material used to create dimensional letters.

For outdoor signs, plastic is a viable option, given its durability and versatility. It’s not easy for plastic to rot away, which is why sign companies prefer the material for long-lasting signage. Some of the popular plastic materials are acrylic, vinyl, PVC, and polycarbonate.

For indoor signs, metal is a great option. Apart from the attractive appearance, the material is also durable. The most common materials used for dimensional lettering are aluminum, copper, brass, and steel.


Dimensional signs are cost-effective since they don’t use a lot of material. They are thin, raised 3D signs that are quite affordable as indoor or outdoor signage.

However, the signs are not light. They can last for a long duration depending on the durability of materials and the style of the dimensional letter signs.


Dimensional lettering is a style that fits perfectly with a variety of sign options. You can use them for a wall-mounted sign placed in the lobby area of your company. It has a sophisticated and eye-catching look that attracts customers.

If you do not like the wall-mounting option, then you can opt for free-standing dimensional letters custom-made for you. Your company signs will look elegant and professional with dimensional letters no matter what style you choose.

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