Need a new and innovative way to advertise your business?

Use custom vehicle wraps to spread the word around!

What are Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle wraps are aftermarket coverings for cars which either cover it partially or completely. This aftermarket practice allows the car owner to express themselves through their own art style or aesthetic. Hence, it’s a way of marking your car the best way you know how.

Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and start out as large sheets of vinyl film backed by adhesives. These stick to your car and are great for printing nearly any design you can think of. They come in different finishes including satin, gloss, and even matte. They can also be in chrome finishes as well as any others you can think of.

The designs can hold everything from logos, photos, and textures.

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Different Types of Vehicle Wraps

There are three basic types of vehicle wraps which can be divided into subcategories.

Die-Cut Vinyl Custom Wrap

This vinyl vehicle wrap adds a touch of personal design to the windows or the vehicle body. It’s an affordable option to add brand presence to your company vehicles. Hence, it’s great for a fleet of news trucks, or transport trucks, etc. It can also be great for vehicles which are used to promote a specific brand of fashion items.

The number of impressions you can get with this kind of wrap are huge. Since these wraps are usually very understated, yet visible. They don’t take up much space, yet can be very effective at conveying a clear message.

Partial Vinyl Custom Wrap

A partial vinyl custom wrap can provide a design coverage for a single portion of the vehicle. This is an option which ranges from a third to two thirds of the vehicle being covered. It works for businesses that want to advertise their brand to their customers all the time.

Hence, companies which provide specific services and which provide services locally should definitely use this vinyl wrap.

Full Vinyl Custom Wrap

A full vinyl wrap covers the entire vehicle as you can guess. This kind of vinyl wrap is to convey a bold statement of sorts. This is usually not used to promote a brand or an event. It’s usually used to make a fashion statement or to express oneself fully.

This is meant to display some eye-catching graphics over the body of the vehicle and the windows too. These wraps don’t disrupt your line of sight though. They only allow outsiders to see the beautiful graphics on your car. Thus, it’s a win-win for you.

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