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When visitors step into your commercial establishment, their first and immediate interaction plays a significant role in creating a lasting impression and building a strong customer relationship. So how does one make an excellent first impression in just about four to five seconds? The custom wayfinding signs from Forerunner Signs & Graphics have proven to be the most efficient navigating tool for commercial establishments. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will help you create a strong and unique wayfinding strategy by focusing on communicating your brand’s message in the shortest timeframe possible. Forerunner Signs & Graphics’ custom wayfinding signs can be utilized almost anywhere from reception areas and lobbies to staircases and lifts. Read on to learn more about custom wayfinding signage.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Having clear and easy-to-read wayfinding signage within your commercial establishment will significantly improve the customer experience by making them feel comfortable and valued. The custom wayfinding signs will also make your customers feel empowered and confident as they will find whatever they are looking for without any assistance. The four common types of wayfinding signs are as follows:

  1. Informational Signs: Usually placed in the lobby and waiting areas, these are used to provide customers with important information such as where they are if you have free Wi-Fi, where the washrooms are, etc. For example, many organizations are getting custom hand-drawn maps created for a better customer experience.
  2. Identification Signs: These signs are generally used to highlight a structure or landmark. The identification signs are placed on the doors within a commercial establishment to tell people what to expect inside. For example, entrance, exit, toilets, functional zone, fire escape, meeting rooms, you are here maps, etc.
  3. Regulation/Warning Signs: These signs are usually used to maintain professionalism and order within a commercial establishment. The regulatory signage inform people about your business environment’s rules and regulations, laws, and limits.
  4. Directional Signs: The most traditional form of wayfinding signs, the directional signs help consumers navigate their way from one place to another. The signs can usually be found on entrance/ exit, junctions, and key areas.

Importance of Wayfinding Signs

Custom wayfinding signs typically provide customers with guidance and useful information to help them navigate and get the most out of your commercial establishment. Read on to know the benefits of getting custom wayfinding signs from Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

  • Customer Familiarity

Customers always want to feel confident and at ease while navigating around your commercial establishment. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will assist you in developing a functional wayfinding system that will help the customers make the most of their shopping experience.

  • Extending Your Brand

Thoughtfully and carefully incorporated wayfinding signage will help in attracting new customers by delivering a succinct message. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will help you create unique wayfinding signs according to your business needs.

  • Safety and Health

For facilities that experience high traffic, accurate custom wayfinding signs will enhance safety and health by helping people navigate crowded spaces.

Get a Custom Commercial Wayfinding Sign

So if you are looking for a way to improve overall customer experience, contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics to get your custom wayfinding signs today!

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