Lobby Sign

Not sure if custom lobby signs are the right signage solution for your business? Keep reading to learn about their benefits.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, you need to utilize every opportunity to find your position in the market. From making a strong first impression to setting up a welcoming environment and providing a great visitor experience, you should try to meet or exceed customers’ expectations at all fronts. One great strategy is to install custom lobby signs in your office.

According to a study by BMC Health Services, renovations in the waiting area have led to a significant increase in a patient’s satisfaction. Hence, you should never underestimate the impact of custom lobby signs. Let’s dig deeper into their benefits:

Welcoming Your Visitors

Have you ever visited an office building? If you felt like a new kid at school having no clue where to go or who to meet, you won’t likely trust the brand, will you? The same applies to your customers. They might already be uncomfortable walking into your office for the first time. Custom Lobby signs help establish a welcoming environment for them. After being greeted by an eye-catching logo, they’ll be comfortable sitting in the waiting area and have positive feelings about your brand.

Brand Image

Putting Visitors at Ease

When visitors enter your business facility, a custom lobby sign is the first thing they view. What they learned about you on the internet or outdoor signage gave them a vague idea about what your business is about. They’ll immediately look for markers such as business signs and door numbers. When they don’t find them quickly, anxiety sets in. And if they do find a sign that looks different than the logo they saw online, they’ll wonder if they’ve come to the wrong place.

A lobby signage serves to solidify the positive impression a visitor developed of your brand. When your customers enter your facility, a well-designed lobby sign immediately puts them at ease. They’ll have a peace of mind knowing that they arrived at the right place. A blank reception area, on the other hand, can easily confuse your customers.

 Elevating Your Brand Image

Using the right graphics, colors, materials, and design gives visitors a feel for what your business is about. When designed well, custom lobby signs speak volumes about your company and elevate your brand image. New visitors will be impressed, while the existing ones will become loyal to your brand. They may even recommend your business to others, helping you achieve skyrocketing business growth through word of mouth.

Improving Employee Morale

A stunning custom lobby sign raises employee morale. When they walk in every morning, your lobby sign makes them feel proud so they perform their best at work.


While there are numerous benefits of custom lobby signs, we covered the most important ones in this guide. The impact of your sign, however, greatly depends on the sign company you choose, so make your wisely.

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