Which safety signs should you incorporate in your healthcare facility? Read on to find out!

Healthcare facilities need a wide array of safety signs due to the nature of their service. There are various safety, biohazard, equipment-related, and illness-related risks in a healthcare facility such as a hospital. This is why you must invest in high-quality custom signs that are installed in strategic locations across your facility to keep your employees and patients safe at all times.

Here are some must-have safety signs that you need to install in your health care facility:

COVID-19 Signs

The current coronavirus pandemic has forced us to reinvent the way we operate. A healthcare facility needs a COVID-19 safety sign to protect its patients from unnecessary risk of exposure.

You need these signs to mention that patients can’t step past the limits of that area due to the risk of exposure to the virus. You can also use quarantine signs that will prevent your employees and patients from entering certain areas.

Social Distancing Signs

You also need to make sure that your facility has social distancing signs installed in all traffic areas of your building such as the emergency rooms, waiting rooms, cafes, and more. They will act as reminders for people to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from each other to stay protected.

Medical PPE Signs

You need to keep your employees safe by posting medical PPE signs in and outside of areas that require the staff to wear protective gear. This way, they will remember to wear their PPE gear whenever they are entering such areas. Make sure that these signs are installed in a way that they are visible to your staff at all times.

Medical Equipment Signs

A healthcare facility also needs to install signs that warn people of the medical equipment, such as X-ray machines, and all other equipment that poses a risk to human health without the use of protective gear. This way, your employees and patients will stay at a safe distance from such equipment.

Biohazard Signs

A health care facility is one of the few establishments where there’s a high risk of patients and employees being exposed to biohazard waste material. This is why you need to place these signs clearly outside all rooms where the hospital staff is dealing with biohazardous materials such as the blood testing facility.

Restricted Access Signs

You need to put up signs in your facility that make people aware of all the restricted areas in the building. This way, your patients will know exactly which areas they can’t access and are reserved for authorized personnel only.  

First Aid and Emergency Signs

You need to make sure that your patients know where to head to in case of an emergency or when they need first aid assistance. So, make sure to install emergency and first aid signs in all such locations that provide first aid kits.

Apart from the aforementioned signs, you also need to install emergency exit, fire extinguisher, laser warning and security checkpoint signs.

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Michael Ryan