Custom ADA Signs

If you’re wondering whether you need to install custom ADA signs at your business, this guide has some incredible insights to help you out. 

For most business signs, you have the choice to decide whether you to want to use them or not. That’s not the case with custom ADA signs. All businesses that are open to the public are required by law to have ADA signs at appropriate spots in their facilities. This is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is enacted to provide disabled Americans with equal opportunities and access to facilities.

Here are some reasons your business needs custom ADA signs:

They are the Law

Suppose you’re a retailer that also offers a separate parking space to your customers. As per the ADA law, you must have reserved handicap or accessible parking in your parking facility. These are normally indicated with an ADA sign with a universally recognized handicap parking symbol.

If you don’t reserve them or fail to install proper signage, and someone faces inconvenience due to this, you may face legal action. This can include hefty fines for not abiding by the ADA rules or large amounts paid to compensate for the damages.

Also, ADA issues detailed requirements for these signs, pertaining to the font, sign height, braille, and other elements. You must follow each of the regulations to stay fully compliant with the law. An experienced signage company will have an in-depth understand of these requirements so you can rely on it for ADA compliance.

Build a Strong Business Reputation

A business that doesn’t have ADA signs is not able to interact with visitors with disabilities. Installing ADA signs make navigation easier in your business facility as well as make it a safe place for everyone. This way, these signs contribute to a more inclusive community for all. Your customers and employees will appreciate the fact that you care for them. Valuing the safety of everyone establishes you a responsible business in your community.

Enhance Visitor Experience

Certain ADA signs are used to identify important areas in your business facility such as restrooms, elevators, stairs, etc, while others will direct you to facilities like exits, handicap parking and so on. When installed at correct positions, they’ll facilitate navigation and assist people in finding or identifying areas they want to be. All these aspects greatly contribute to the visitor experience of your establishment.

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Make a lasting Impression on Visitors

ADA signs are used both indoors and outdoors. From accessible parking sign to restroom signs, they’re designed to make your visitors feel welcome. Their professional look proves highly impressive, giving an impression of a large, established business.

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To sum it up, ADA signs don’t just ensure compliance with the ADA law but also offers other benefits. An experienced signage company can help you reap all these benefits.

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