Monument Sign

Want to choose the perfect material for your custom monument sign? Read on to find out the best monument sign materials!

Monument signs are impressive, large structures that sit on the ground and attract customers toward your business. A well-crafted sign can immediately attract the eye of potential customers and compel them to visit your establishment.

With that said, the design of the sign isn’t the only aspect that you need to perfect. You also need to select the most appropriate materials for your monument sign. The material of your sign should be one that goes exceptionally well with your overall brand image and marketing scheme. Choosing the right material will help bring your sign together and make it a successful marketing tool.

Here are some materials that you can use to make your monument sign:

Stone and Brick Masonry

Foam-Core & Armored Foam

Expanded polystyrene foam or EPS is a highly rot and water-resistant material that’s ideal for monument signs. It’s also quite durable and lightweight and appears just like stone masonry. You can choose a foam-core paneling for your signs, which will enable you to apply a wide variety of veneers over it such as stucco and granite. This means that you can customize your sign however you want. These signs are incredibly easy to install and replace due to their lightweight.


Monument signs made out of plastic materials such as acrylic and high-density urethane are also great for businesses. This is because you can customize these signs and create them in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moreover, you can fabricate these signs using any color that you want, which means that you can easily use your brand colors on your sign.

Aluminum and Metal

If you want your sign to have a sharp and sleek look, then a metal monument sign will be the ideal fit for you. Aluminum is inarguably the most commonly used metal for monument signs. It offers incredible durability to any sign. It’s also resistant to rust and weather elements. Moreover, due to its malleable nature, an aluminum monument sign can be customized as per your exact requirements. Even though an aluminum sign can’t be lit internally, you can easily use exterior angled lights to illuminate your sign.

Stone and Brick Masonry

Even though a stone monument sign might cost you more than monument signs made by other materials such as wood and foam-core, it will certainly last a long time. Moreover, these monument signs have an incomparable appeal and elegance.

The stability of this sign also comes from the fact that it is quite heavy, which means that it’s also difficult to transport. The good news is that our full-service sign company will take care of the sign installation process for you so you won’t have to worry about transporting this sign to its location.


Wood monument signs are largely used by municipal and commercial properties such as state parks, luxury stores, hotels, cottage resorts, etc. These establishments benefit from the unique rustic appearance of wood. It also has a nostalgic quality to it, which makes a monument sign made of wood quite attractive. You can invest in a striking carved or routed wood monument sign for your business.

When opting for wooden monument signs, make sure to get your signs fully varnished to protect them from various weather elements. Also, take special care to maintain your signs to avoid insect and termite damage.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is an exceptional choice for  businesses that are looking for a utilitarian sign with a simple look. It’s also an incredibly durable monument sign material, which is why it’s often used in signs that are installed at local parks and the gateways to cities.

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Michael Ryan