Looking for interior signs for your business? Here are the most common types of interior signs that you can use!

The purpose of a well-crafted sign is to attract potential customers’ attention and make them interested in your business. An impressive custom interior sign can help you establish your business’s credibility, garner instant recognition and awareness, and build a consistent branding voice. There is a wide array of interior business signs that can help you fulfill these goals.

Here are the most common types of interior signs that you must install inside your business establishment:

Directional and Wayfinding Signs

Neon Signs

This one’s a no-brainer; every business building or complex needs well-designed direction or wayfinding signs that can help potential customers and employees find their way. After all, nothing is more frustrating for a potential customer than not knowing how to find your business in a sea of similar offices and floors.

Directional signs, such as a lobby directory, are particularly useful in large buildings with multiple offices. Similarly, blade signs that are attached to the ceilings or at a 90-degree angle to the corridor walls are also useful.  Floor graphics with arrows and logos are a fun and creative way to add directional signs to your building. Wall graphics on empty corridor walls also act as creative directional signs that spruce up the often under-utilized area as well.  

Lobby & Office Signs

Lobby signs have a great way of attracting prospective customers and impressing them with your brand. A well-crafted lobby sign will create a strong first impression and project a positive brand image. You can use dimensional letters for your sign. Alternatively, you can create panel-type lobby signs made of wood or frosted acrylic. Back-lit lobby signs also have a modern and bright look that’s hard to resist. Cut-metal signs made of stainless steel, copper, or aluminum also have a classic, attractive sheen to them.

Event and Temporary Signs

Sometimes, your business might need a temporary sign for an event or a conference. This is where special event signs such as banners, standees, banner flags, pop-up banners, pictorial backdrops, window films, sin boards, and photo banners enter the picture. Depending on your event, you can opt for a mix of these signs to create a splash!

Neon Signs

A well-lighted sign becomes instantly attractive and when it comes to lighting, nothing beats neon! A neon sign is certainly a class apart and is an impressive advertising tool that remains timeless.

You can choose from a wide array of colors and create an interior neon sign that blends perfectly with your brand theme and colors. These signs are impressive showpieces that can bring your whole space together and brighten it up. They work especially well in bars, restaurants, stores, etc.

ADA and Braille Signs

ADA signs are an essential part of any business establishment. They help individuals with disabilities feel valued and catered to. However, when it comes to ADA signs, there are many regulations that you must follow such as the specific design of the sign and its placement in the building. You need a trusted and experienced sign company to design ADA complainant signs for your business.

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Michael Ryan