Custom Exterior Signs

Want exterior signs for your business? Here are the common types of outdoor business signs that you can choose from!

A good exterior sign is one that can attract the attention of potential customers and drive them to your doorstep. A well-crafted exterior sign will stand out amongst a sea of signs even in the busiest of streets and from a distance as well. The type of outdoor sign you choose to install outside of your business establishment depends entirely on your brand aesthetic.

To help make it easier for you, here are some outdoor business signs that you can choose from:  

Channel Letter Signs

Wayfinding Signs

Channel letter signs are one of the most dynamic and attractive outdoor signs. They are made with metal and plastic and feature impressive 3-dimensional letters. They can be internally lit, backlit, and front-lit as well. You can also opt for unlit channel letters, but they won’t be as remarkable as the illuminated ones, which will shine the brightest at night. Moreover, these signs are pretty versatile as you can customize them in any color, height, and letter style that you want.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are another popular outdoor sign. These signs are usually installed outside of restaurants, malls, schools, parks, resorts, hotels, museums, cottages, and even city gateways. These signs can be created with a wide array of materials such as aluminum, foam-core, acrylic, concrete, wood, and more. Similarly, you can customize these signs with channel letters and internal lights, and even digitize them.  

Pylon Signs

A pylon sign is placed atop a single pole or between two tall poles. These signs are great for highways and busy roads because they are easily visible from a distance due to their height. When using pylon signs to advertise your business, products, or services, always opt for big, bold letters and graphics. You can also opt for internally illuminated pylon signs.

Cabinet Signs

Also known as box signs, cabinet signs are a traditional outdoor business sign. These signs are greatly customizable and can be created with metal and plastic, both of which are highly malleable. You can also opt for digital cabinet signs that can display important information such as an ongoing sale or new product launch. You can also get a custom cabinet sign with changeable letter boards. These types of cabinet signs are particularly useful for churches and schools.

Directional & Wayfinding Signs

Outdoor wayfinding signs are an essential part of any business that’s located on a busy or obscure street. They can also be used in parking lots. The best way to create impactful wayfinding signs is to keep the text simple, bold, and big. These signs should be easy to understand so that potential clients can easily spot your business and navigate your building.

Event and Temporary Business Signs

Event signs are temporary outdoor signs such as pop-up banners, banner flags, and directional signs for construction work or a housing development project. These signs also include removable window graphics for seasonal sales and special promotions, graphic backdrops for events, and photo banners for events such as corporate parties, and more. You can customize these signs to include your company name and logo.

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Michael Ryan