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Lighted signs can help your brand shine literally and figuratively. These signs are used to promote the name and logo of your business and make passersby and onlookers curious about your business. Cabinet signs are one of the most popular styles available for external lighted signage.

Cabinet lighted signs are created from metals like aluminum and acrylic materials. Cabinet signs are box-shaped signs that you may have seen commonly installed at the storefront. These signs are usually lighted from the inside and are even available in non-illuminated options. These signs are highly durable and made from inexpensive materials, making them widely popular among businesses. They offer flexibility in terms of design, font, color, lighting options, and more.

Forerunner Signs & Graphics is a team of design experts who can help fulfill all your signage needs. We specialize in providing superior quality signage at reasonable prices to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Cabinet signs are one of the more common sign choices for businesses in Overland Park, KS. These signs can be used to indicate the location of your shop or business by mounting it outside your store or as a monument sign. But no matter what the placement may be, cabinet signs from Forerunner Signs & Graphics will help you easily achieve the visibility your brand is seeking.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Business Cabinet Signs?

There are a lot of benefits of choosing cabinet signs for your business’ signage needs. Some advantages of cabinet signs include:

  • Versatility

Cabinet signs can be customized according to your brand colors, fonts, and themes. They offer a large variety in terms of fonts. These signs are also available in multiple sizes and shapes, making them more attractive to customers.

  • Durability

Cabinet signs are a long-term sign solution as it has high durability. Cabinet signs are placed at storefronts since they are mostly resistant to the elements. They are made from acrylic and aluminum, which are strong materials. Cabinet signs require little to no maintenance, and they are built to last for years to come.

  • Visibility

Cabinet signs can be visible from long distances to customers. They can be used to attract foot traffic from a busy street into your store or establishment.

  • Illumination

Illumination is another factor that adds to the high visibility of cabinet signs. Cabinet signs are easily visible during the day and night. Illumination of your business signs can help you increase sales and attract a greater number of potential customers. There are multiple illumination options available for lighting up cabinet signs: neon lights and LED lights.

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