Post and Panel Signs

Thinking of getting a post and panel sign made for your business? Here are some materials that you can use for your sign!

Post and panel signs are one of the most versatile and cost-effective signs out there. Many businesses readily use these signs in all shapes and forms due to their customizable nature. Usually, post and panel signs have two posts that are used to hold up a panel, which has the advertised message displayed on it.

You can also opt for a single post to display your panel on. Moreover, the panel can also be customized according to your taste. You can use both sides of it or stick to one side to advertise your message. The sign can also be made using different materials, all of which have their unique benefits.


Here are some commonly used materials for post and panel signs that you can choose from:


When it comes to manufacturing post and panel signs, aluminum is one of the most used materials. This is because it is an incredibly durable material. An aluminum post and panel sign has a plastic core that is covered with an outer panel made of aluminum. This allows the sign to be quite lightweight and affordable as well.

You can apply any paint or even vinyl graphics on the aluminum substrate to create your custom sign. Aluminum panels also lend a sophisticated and sleek appeal to a post and panel sign that is ideal for businesses looking to impress prospective customers.


Foam core signs are exceptionally lightweight and can also withstand outdoor elements, such as harsh weather, quite well. Foam core is often covered with stucco to give the sign a sleek and robust finish. However, you can also opt for a simple foam core sign that is mounted on a standard post to display your graphics and text.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a good choice for post and panel signs if it’s combined with other materials. On its own, a PVC panel might warp under extreme heat in an outdoor setting and won’t last as long as an aluminum sign. However, when the panel is framed with another more durable material, then these signs can easily be installed on standard posts and used in outdoor areas.


Wooden post and panel signs have a wood core that is often topped and finished with vinyl graphics, letters, or lamination. This treatment preserves the sign message and the finish so that the wood core can withstand the outdoor elements. You can also opt for a wood post to go with your sign for a more rustic and natural look to complement the outdoor location.  

Now that you know the most commonly used materials for post and panel signs, make sure to choose a material that falls in line with your brand image. This way, your sign will reflect the essence of your brand and help attract customers to your doorsteps.

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Michael Ryan