advertising-promotional-signs-with-these-4-design-tipsAdvertising promotional signs are made to deliver more in less time. Grabbing the attention of drivers is indeed a great challenge.  No one would pull over to take a complete look at your business sign. Here are some design tips to make your advertising business signs worth noticing:

Make it Precise:

Advertisers always try to stuff every single detail within the compact space of the signage. And the end result? The information appears crowded and unappealing to readers. Not to mention the drivers simply don’t have time to read it all. So, it’s always best to display messages that are just 3 to 8 letters long.

Minimalistic Designs:

When you choose a visual for an advertising promotional sign, it has to be simple yet appealing. It has to be displayed larger in size, so ensure that it does not appear pixelated and blurry. Get the help of professionals who design the road signs for you and get a sneak peek of how it actually looks.

Convey One Message:

Your advertising promotional sign should focus only on the subject topic and must precisely detail only the specific promotional offer you are trying to publicize. Listing out several offers one after the other won’t help the readers to focus on and keep them in memory.

Right Choice of Colors:

The general rule of thumb is to use contrast colors. Too many colors will make them look unattractive and fail to grab attention. Refrain from using bizarre colors such as flame orange, bright yellow and hot pink, as it gives out a bad impression on our brand. Choose something that is both professional and endearing at the same time.

Advertising promotional signs are a great investment if you follow the above guidelines. Get in touch with a professional signs company in Kansas City to set everything right from start to finish.