types-of-trade-show-displaysTrade show displays allow customers to show off their key business points helping to make their business more successful. They come in various styles, shapes, designs & sizes catering to your budget. Here are some popular types of trade show displays most businesses adopt today.

1. Banner Stands:

Banner stands are the most basic of all. They are typically used to accessorize trade show booths and are used for sponsored events, marketing purposes and more. They occupy a small space and features retractable graphics.

2. Pop Up Displays:

Being an entry level trade show display, Pop Up displays will cater to small businesses. They are easy to set up, highly portable and are affordable too. They can be easily customized by adding lights and shelves to make them stand out.

3. Island Displays:

Island displays are typically sized 20’x20’ or even larger and as the name suggests, they are exposed on all sides. This means that people can view your display from any direction, thus imparting maximum exposure.

4. Portable Displays:

Portable displays are just that, portable and can be set up effortlessly by small teams. They are affordable at the same time. Being made of lightweight materials, it’s quite easy to assemble and dismantle the displays with little to no tools required.

5. Hybrid Displays:

These are an up-to-date and modern form of trade show displays that utilize graphics, counters, dye cut panels, metal extrusions and more. These are even more appealing than standard pop up displays and come with a higher price tag. Hybrid displays are portable and their ability grab an audience makes it worth every penny.

Identify your budget and the theme of your trade show display and make a decision accordingly. Contact a professional who can listen to your needs and work to make them as effective as possible.