It is a common misconception that the point-of-purchase signs retailers commission are only intended to make product-pairing suggestions. This is simply not true. Although it is a vital function of this signage product, it is also intended to bring in foot traffic that might have otherwise passed by the store. What are your options?

Window Graphics

window graphics for product advertisement
Show off your products with window graphics!

Our most successful clients swear by their window graphics. Since this product is easily adaptable to any niche, you can market paintbrushes just as easily as pears. The trick to reeling in the foot traffic with this medium is to use unexpected graphics and colors. Even if it is just one style element that makes the shopper do the double take, it is well worth it.

Once the buyer has stepped closer or even just stopped to look at your message, the rest of the window graphics do their work with branding and marketing. When you combine ads featuring the hottest products as well as deep discounts, special services and other deals, the shopper is much more likely to step inside and see what your store has to offer.

Wall Graphics

wall graphics
Display products with wall graphics!

Once inside, point of purchase signs can take on the forms of full wall murals or simply larger graphics. A mural might display a consumer wearing or using a product while also combining its use with that of another product. For wall graphics, you can let your artistic juices flow to create imaginative messages that highlight the various product choices the purchase of one item opens up. These are by far some of the most valuable graphics uses on the walls.

Cash Register Signs

cash register signs impulse buys
Impulse by-the-cash-register signs!

When shoppers can see the cash registers from the front door, the look of the signage there may intrigue them. It is not necessarily the combination of colors and product displays that creates the interest. Instead, it could be a large paragraph of text that offers an explanation about a product pairing as well as ancillary purchases that enhance your enjoyment of the merchandise.


use posters for sales
Use posters to promote sales!

Posters are excellent methods for informing consumers. These are essential when trying to persuade a shopper who has made one buying decision to also make another one. In addition, they work well as a means of catching the eyes of passersby. Repetitive displays in store windows work very well. Placing them around the store is another outstanding method for getting the attention of those who were walking by but want to learn more. When you combine informative text with graphics display-only posters, you maximize the success of your poster setup.

Getting Started on Your Order

The graphics experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics specialize in the manufacture and installation of the types of signage products that reel in foot traffic. From murals to window graphics, wall graphics and posters, we specialize in retail store signs for Kansas City, KS, and beyond. Call us today for more information on this signage product and to get started on your order. We work with any artwork that you already have on file. We will also gladly design your signage package from scratch.