Spring into Action! Refresh Your Business Signs!

From car dealerships to commercial business parks, the interior and exterior commercial signs that your potential customers see every day tell them how to think about your business.  And what better time to evaluate your signage than now? While it may not feel like Spring has arrived, it has.  So, it’s the perfect time to […]

Replace and Refresh Your Business Sign

We can all feel it. Spring is right around the corner.  In the Kansas City area, the weather has been a bit unpredictable, to say the least.  We are all looking forward to the warmer weather, for trees to start growing leaves again and for the brown cesspool that is our backyard to turn green […]

The Marketing Advantages of Monument Signs

Monument signs are a great way of capturing attention. In fact, studies show that almost 50% of customers showed a tendency to choose businesses due to their outdoor signs. Monument signs are cost effective, costing approximately 2 cents per 1000 views.  What’s more is that more consumers see monument signs than ads on televisions. Here […]

Be Effective, Efficient and Engaging with Business Signage

When an individual or team is ready to purchase signage for a business, they need a clear, readable, and aesthetically-pleasing design. To ensure the successful promotion of the company and make the most out of budgeted advertising dollars, it’s important to be effective and efficient. Keep it simple.  Effective sign design quickly and clearly displays […]

Updated, High-Quality Signage: The Perfect Gift for Your Business

It’s that time of year – everyone is for the perfect gift for their loved ones, colleagues, friends and family.  But, sometimes, in all of the excitement, an important opportunity escapes and is put on the back burner.  Right now is the prime time for retailers to showcase their products, to entice people into their […]

To Illuminate or Not to Illuminate – That’s the Signage Question

When a business is determining what type of sign to get for their building, the decision can be overwhelming.  When it is decided that a channel-letter sign would be the best fit for their needs, the next step is to decide whether the sign should be illuminated or not.  And many of the customers we […]

Don’t Let Design Be a Detriment

As the owner of Forerunner Signs & Graphics, I am blessed to work with an amazing team of experts.  Every day, I see them work with our customers to produce the highest-quality signs (from design to material) to better their business.  And many times they run across business owners who have a certain thought in […]

From Concept to Creation to Installation – Your Sign Matters!

When you’re trying to decide what type of sign to purchase for your business or storefront, the choices can seem overwhelming.  You have enough to worry about when you own a business.  At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we take care of the design and the logistics (from zoning requirements to installation) so that you can […]

Attention Restaurant Owners! Your Signs Matter!

We’ve all been to a restaurant, right?  And no matter what type, style or location, they all have one thing in common – signs. Whether it’s permanent, like displaying the restaurant’s name and logo, or temporary, like displaying daily specials, restaurants of every type use some kind of signage every day. Temporary signage seems to […]

Avoiding the Game of Hide and Seek: Have a Sign

The other day, I had to run a few errands.  I would normally leave the grocery shopping for last so that the frozen items wouldn’t melt.  However, on this day, I decided to stop at that store first because it is right by my house.    Plus, I heard there was a boutique by the store […]