Weathering the Storm, Replacing Your Damaged Signs

Throughout the Greater Kansas City area, we have seen some Icelandic weather conditions lately.  We’ve had an ice storm, freezing rain and temperatures so low you’d think we lived on the North Pole.  With this severe weather comes risks – to your health, to your home and to your business.  While we can’t predict what […]

Can Your Sign Stand Up to Harsh Weather?

With the changing weather, it’s a good time to evaluate whether or not your exterior business sign can withstand the harsh conditions that will soon be coming our way.  After all, in Denver, they’ve already experienced an ice storm.  In the Greater Kansas City area, we have seen temperature fluctuate so drastically, that we’re hesitant […]

Don’t Let Storm Damaged, Broken or Outdated Signs Hurt Your Business

This month, the Greater Kansas City area was hit with a lot of rain and storms that downed power lines – affecting hundreds of thousands.  Unfortunately, many of our fellow business owners suffered great losses to their properties.  In addition to the interior destruction, many signs – interior and exterior – were damaged or completely […]