Make New Signage Your New Year’s Resolution!

It’s official.  The New Year is in full swing and it’s a good time to check out your company’s signage to see if it has met your expectations for effectiveness.  If it hasn’t, now is the time to setup a budget to get your signs updated.  Not sure where to start? Below are some things […]

Upgrade Your Sign. Elevate Your Brand.

It’s a fact.  Business signs are essential to your company’s marketing efforts. After all, signs tell your customers what you do and what sets you apart from the competition. Outdated signs aren’t going to help you form new customer relationships. If you have an outdated, broken or rusty sign, it’s time for an upgrade! When you […]

When Your LED Sign Malfunctions, Your Business Suffers!

LED signs are growing in popularity but, like all things, sometimes these high-quality signs can malfunction.  While the team at Forerunner Signs & Graphics are experienced in designing and installing LED signs of all types, we can actually be called in to repair or provide maintenance to an existing sign.  When a sign is broken, […]

Weathering the Storm, Replacing Your Damaged Signs

Throughout the Greater Kansas City area, we have seen some Icelandic weather conditions lately.  We’ve had an ice storm, freezing rain and temperatures so low you’d think we lived on the North Pole.  With this severe weather comes risks – to your health, to your home and to your business.  While we can’t predict what […]

Don’t Let Storm Damaged, Broken or Outdated Signs Hurt Your Business

This month, the Greater Kansas City area was hit with a lot of rain and storms that downed power lines – affecting hundreds of thousands.  Unfortunately, many of our fellow business owners suffered great losses to their properties.  In addition to the interior destruction, many signs – interior and exterior – were damaged or completely […]

Got Damage? When and How to Repair Your Exterior Sign

Any exterior sign will eventually fade, warp, crack or break. When this happens, you obviously need to repair your sign. But what are the causes of sign damage? How can these issues be fixed, or more importantly, prevented? Take a look at the various causes of exterior sign damage and how to fix and prevent […]