Monument signs are a great way of capturing attention. In fact, studies show that almost 50% of customers showed a tendency to choose businesses due to their outdoor signs. Monument signs are cost effective, costing approximately 2 cents per 1000 views.  What’s more is that more consumers see monument signs than ads on televisions.

Here are some other great benefits to getting a monument signs for your business!

Totally Kidz Academy Monument Sign
  1. More Cost Effective Than Traditional Media Ads

Most small business owners deal with media sales reps who offer their statistics and demographics on how many people you would reach daily, weekly or monthly. However, the problem is that local newspapers, radio and television ads don’t offer evergreen advertising, advertising that is present with something like a monument sign. As far as newspapers, they are soon to be obsolete because consumers prefer to get their information nowadays through different mediums.  Why pay more for impressions in a small ad buy for local media, when you can reach more people, at a cheaper price through monument ads?

  1. Reach Local Customers

Most small business’ customers live within five miles of their business. The average person is going to see the sign multiple times a day, and dozens of times over a month. This means the business sign can draw locals more effectively. A monument sign can usually draw locals whether they are on a planned shopping trip or on an impulse trip.

  1. Monument Signs Help Target All Demographics

Monument signs target all demographics. It doesn’t matter what age, profession or gender, monument signs reach all of them. Anyone who drives by your business, walks past it or takes the bus past it sees your business. Monument signs leave an impression on all of these people, turning them into potential clients.

  1. Add Consistency to Your Advertising Plan

One of the most important parts of an advertising campaign is consistency. The graphics that you use for your internet and social media marketing campaigns should match or be similar in color and graphics to your corporate logo. Getting a monument sign adds consistency to your advertising plan, creating something that consumers can easily relate with your business.

  1. Amplify Your Message

Monument signs allow business’ creativity, and the ability to create signs that help amplify the business’ marketing message. Consumers will immediately relate to your business and be interested in seeing what you have to offer.

  1. Help Consumers Find You

If you have no signs, a customer can’t see your business and it is hard to find it. A monument sign, prominently placed outside of your business, makes it easier for customers and potential customers to find your company.

Once your monument sign turns passersby into customers, interior signage will help them know what to expect from your business and where to go to get the service or product they want or need.  If you want to promote your business in a cost-effective, creative way, contact the experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

Michael Ryan