We have all been to trade shows and have seen row after row of tables with draped cloth and boring backdrops. In this environment, what stands out? What is unique and catches your attention?

Generally speaking, the answer is nothing. Welcome to the problem. If you’re not interesting, people will not be interested.

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way for your company to garner the attention of a very targeted audience. Whether you’re unveiling a new product, selling merchandise, or generating sales leads, trade shows offer a great deal of exposure for eager business owners.

The trick is knowing how to make the most of your time with potential customers so that you can ultimately convert attention into sales. This is where the effective use of display and trade show exhibits from becomes critical. So, make sure you have enlisted the help from experts in the field.  At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we pride ourselves in turning the ordinary into extraordinary for trade show exhibits.

Just like any other form of advertising, an effective trade show display can help you “seal the deal” during a trade show appearance. With that being said, catching and holding the attention of attendees can be particularly tricky when your trade show booth is surrounded by hundreds of competing exhibits. In fact, studies have shown that exhibitors have just a few seconds to grab the attention of over stimulated conference-goers.

So how do you make your trade show booth stand out?

1) Keep Your Lettering Clear

The lettering and messaging on your trade show booth needs to be clear and concise. If attendees can’t tell who you are and what you do with just one glance, your goose is cooked. Keep your lettering big and bold so that visitors can see it from a distance. It’s also important to ensure that any important messaging is placed on the upper half of your display so that people visiting your booth won’t block it from the view of other attendees.

When it comes to supplementary exhibit signage, make sure that the lettering can be easily contrasted from its surroundings.

2) Pick the Proper Palette

The colors that you choose to use in your trade show display should be reflective of your company and your brand. You’ll also want to include plenty of high contrast areas on your signage to draw in the eye.

3) Go With Graphics

Graphics are a great way to add punch and pizazz to your trade show booth. The end goal of your graphics should be to promote your brand messaging in one or two images. Showing is always better than telling; consider investing in professional product photos that can then be incorporated into your booth.

4) Ensure You Have the Right Accessories

Trade show booths are multifaceted and multifunctional marketing tools. It’s important that you equip your booth with a number of supplementary signs and display materials.

For example, along with your booth you might have a table or tables. In this scenario it would make sense to have tabletop signage or pop up displays to further promote your brand message.

Banner stands can also be incorporated into your exhibit design to offer additional promotional opportunities. These stands can be used to provide introductory information on your product that hooks attendees and causes them to seek more detailed info from a booth attendant. Position them near the entrance to your booth to increase their effective.

The right display can make or break your trade show appearance. Contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics today to make sure that you’re putting your best booth forward.  We offer a wide variety of high-quality trade show signs and graphics that will help you go from another ordinary booth to THE extraordinary booth at the event.

Michael Ryan