Are you looking for creative signage options to display your brand, helping it stand-out amongst all the other businesses? Explore the different types of channel letters customized and installed by Forerunner Signs and Graphics.

One of the most appealing, creative, and powerful signs in the realm of business signage are channel letter signs. Channels letters are a type of dimensional sign which are kept hollow from the inside for illumination purposes.  A top-rated local sign company offers to manufacture and customize these signs in either plastic, metal, or an exciting combination of both. The same company also customizes channel letters according to your desired color, style, shape, design, height, and other design elements of your choice. It can also incorporate your business’s personalized design presets, logos, and pictures to define your brand’s identity to the fullest.

Channel letters can either be installed individually on the exterior surface, can be mounted on a pylon monument, and be hung on one edge of a canopy. In other words, the visual combinations are unlimited, allowing you to get as creative as you want. To meet various visibility and design needs of every business, Forerunner Signs and Graphics in Kansas City offers channel letter signs in the following three variants:

Individual Channel Letter Signs

To represent your business and its identity in a sophisticated and minimalistic way, individual channel letter signs are your best bet. You can mount these signs directly on a building or any other exterior surface at any height you like. This ensures maximum visibility and reinforces your brand without looking grossly extra and over the top. Individual channel letters, upon request, can be customized with an illumination feature, allowing light to pass from the inside of the channel letter body. The illumination property of channel letters makes them an added source of beautification for your business property. With or without illumination, you can ask your sign company for further customization by mounting individual channel letters on monument signs to gain the maximum benefits of both kinds of signs.

Reverse or Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Reverse channel letters are uniquely illuminated signage where light passes from the backside of the letter body, which is why these signs are also called halo-lit channel letters. Like individual channel letters, reverse or halo-lit channel letters look fantastic during the day and gorgeous past daylight hours. Halo-lit channel letters accentuate the whole appearance of your business outlet and help your brand make its style statement.

Raceway Channel Letter Signs

Raceway channel letter signs are an excellent option for growing businesses. These signs consist of a raceway board on which the channels letter are mounted across the length. This channel-mounted boar is then used as a sign which can be installed and taken off at any time and reinstalled to another location. Businesses that often relocate their workspace can largely benefit from this type of channel letter sign.

The Bottom Line

Customized channel letters are not merely signage but rather an important business resource because your business gets to benefit from these signs beyond basic functional use for styling, branding, and a thousand other purposes.

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Michael Ryan