Using your storefront windows as a backdrop for your advertising and branding messages is not new. That said, the advances in the vinyl window design trade now give you the opportunity to create stunning messages that are as unique as your business model. After talking to some of our must successful business clients, the vinyl product experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics have narrowed down the top three window graphics Kansas City businesses simply cannot do without.

1. Hide Construction But Pique Interest for a New Business

hide construction with window graphics
Use window graphics to hide construction!

Our clients report that perforated window graphics (perfs) make excellent sense for a business that’s undergoing construction. You can hide the unsightly construction mess that your contractors are creating in the storefront’s interior while still promoting your business. After all, who wants to see tile-cutting equipment, drywall sheets and paint-stained ladders, anyway? Since this vinyl product allows the light from the exterior to penetrate, your contractors do not need extra lighting.

At the same time, the perf allows you to display your company’s name, logo and niche-specific imagery. Let consumers know the name of the business that will soon open up. Give them some hints about the type of products and services they get to enjoy. Pique the interest of those walking by before you even hang up your “Grand Opening” banner. With the unsightly construction mess hidden, only your marketing and branding message are on display.

2. Show Off Your Products & Expertise

promote products with window graphics
Use window graphics to promote products!

Far too often, businesses fail to take advantage of the opportunities offered by community-based company ratings. For example, when you have been rated as the number one (or favorite) local dry-cleaning business, you can go beyond framing the certificate and displaying it on the counter. Instead, be proactive and make this honor known to the public with window graphics.

Our graphics experts can digitally reproduce your certificate, which we then recreate with the help of vinyl. Prominently display it on your windowpane. Don’t stop there! Show off images related to the services or products that made you a community favorite in the first place. This may be your bridal gown preservation service or perhaps your drive-through window, which makes doing business with you so convenient.

3. Announce Sales & Specials

announce sales with window graphics
Use window graphics to announce sales!

The vinyl window graphics our Kansas City business clients order during the winter holiday season focus on sales and special offers. During this time, clever marketers differentiate themselves from the competition simply by highlighting services that consumers appreciate. Examples frequently include complimentary gift-wrapping, shipping and lay-away services.

Yet, did you know that these kinds of displays work well year ‘round? Modify them for the spring holiday season, for back-to-school shopping and also for Black Friday buyers. Specials are a favorite to announce – particularly when you have a large inventory of a highly desirable product that other stores did not have the foresight of ordering. We recommend the use of digital depictions of the product to give even consumers across the parking lot an opportunity to see what the interest in your business is all about.

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