Signs for Churches in Kansas CityWhether your faith community has been around for a long time or has just started worshiping at a new location, having the right interior and exterior signs for churches in Kansas City can make a huge difference with respect to attendance. Signage encourages new visitors to come and check out your congregation while it also assists with wayfinding to help the members locate the venue. What are your options?

Exterior Building and Property Signs

It is not uncommon for church buildings to feature dimensional letters or box cabinets that identify the name of the congregation and its spiritual affiliation. Of course, your signage needs go much further than just displaying the right building marker. Take for example the need to assist visitors with wayfinding. If your property includes separate buildings, entrances or a faith-based preschool, post and panel signs in the parking lot make it easy for first-time guests to find the sanctuary, the chapel as well as the school’s office.

Exterior Signs for Churches Kansas CityChangeable message boards are ideal for advertising the latest sermon series or announcing the visit of a guest preacher. The latter is always a treat for congregants of faith communities that are connected to others in the county or state. These signs also announce fundraisers, vacation Bible schools and small group meetings. They can become part of your building signage or of your monument signs. These monuments make it easy for your church to be seen from the street, which benefit motorists.

Interior Building Signs Set the Tone for a Worship Experience

Wall graphics are instrumental in creating a warm and welcoming environment that explains a little bit about your church. Whether it is your focus on missions or your ongoing community projects, inspire visitors and members with colorful depictions of volunteers in action. These graphics are also useful for displaying the tenets of your faith and your congregation’s history.

Wall murals for churches in Kansas CityWall murals beautify spaces. Use them to set the tone for the sanctuary. In addition, they work very well in the rooms allocated to the children’s ministry. There, they make Bible stories come to life with colorful, bold depictions of the saints and scenes from the gospels. Metal plaques in the foyer bear witness to the generous members who donate to the church and help to keep its doors open and its programs running. Donor trees are ideal displays since they allow you to keep adding to them. Metal plaques are also instrumental in memorializing the spiritual contributions of pastors and others in the ministry.

Ordering Your Church Signs Today

Contact the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics today to discuss your needs for exterior and interior signs for churches in Kansas City. We work with you to create a look that fits in with the overall atmosphere of your building and vibe of your congregation. Whether you are modern, traditional or anything in between, we can design the right signs that wow visitors and encourage members. In addition to being visually attractive, these signs are also functional and budget friendly for even the smallest churches.
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