Wayfinding Signs Kansas CityAdding wayfinding signs for Kansas City businesses is more than just a good idea. It is a way to enhance a consumer’s experiences at the venue, which in turn increases the chances of seeing this particular client or customer coming back to do business there. The absence of proper directional products makes it difficult for those seeking out your business to navigate the property, campus, office or store. They may not want to come back for a repeat of this experience.

Understanding the Need for Wayfinding Signs

Not knowing where to go plays into the fear of the unknown; this is a recognized concern that almost everyone has. Imagine visiting a new venue for the first time. You do not know where to park, where to find the right entrance, whom to talk to and where to find what you are looking for. If it is evident that a business’ management staff has anticipated these concerns and provided you with beacons and markers to signal the right path, you are going to enjoy your experience there a lot more than if you are left to your own devices.

Directional Signs for Kansas City Companies

Directional Signs Kansas CityStart on the exterior. Can drivers find the entrance to your parking lot? If you operate a large property with multiple parking lots, do folks know where to park in relation to the departments and businesses they seek out? Monument signs make it possible to mark the entrances to parking lots and garages. Add information about the venues that you can easily access from there as needed.

Post and panel markers pick up where monument signs leave off. Place them in the parking lot to highlight the direction to the most sought after locations. For a college campus, this may be the auditorium, sports center, cafeteria, business office and certain departments. For a hospital, you would include the specialty wings and other departments that patients, caregivers and visitors would likely want to find.

Building signage further supports consumers’ need for direction. A channel letter, box cabinet or other façade marker is usually installed near the entrance to the building. On the interior, rely on a directory to make wayfinding a snap in an office building. Clearly marked suites support wayfinding on the various corridors. Within a suite, directional signs include room markers and window graphics identifying the names of offices.

In the retail setting, use hanging directories to mark aisles and the products they contain. Point of purchase signs can provide directional assistance when they refer to products in different parts of the store. Floor graphics, too, provide Interior Wayfinding Signage Kansas Cityassistance. Wall graphics enhance consumers’ abilities to find amenities and departments in a warehouse store setting.

Commissioning Your Signage Today

Discuss your vision for your company’s wayfinding signage with the graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics. We help you to think through the color and material selection, the proper sizing, the likely placement and the wording. It makes sense to keep information brief and universally understandable. Adding ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant signage is a requirement that you need to fulfill in your venue as well. We can work with you to pinpoint areas that call for this type of directional marker. Contact us today to get started.
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