General Motors, Cerner, BNSF Railway and the University of Kansas Hospital are some of the largest employers in the Kansas City area. The economy is on the rise and a combination of service providers, manufacturers and retailers caters to consumers at large as well as those in search of entertainment. Anyone with a storefront office or operating a large manufacturing plant has the same need: the kinds of lobby signs buyers and clients find memorable.

Since there are so many choices, there is some confusion about selecting the options that are best for you. At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we work with our clients to provide the broadest range of selections possible. To take the confusion out of the mix, our professionals have put together this selection of frequently asked questions – and their answers.

1. Who needs a lobby sign?

metal lobby sign
Metal is a great choice for a sleek-looking lobby sign.

All niche businesses benefit from the display of a lobby sign. Service providers in particular should invest in a marker that displays the company’s name and logo.

2. What makes reception area signing so important?

The reception sign brands your business. Its colors, materials and manufacturing methods bespeak your approach to business. For example, accountants and investment firms prefer metal signage. Metal is associated with longevity, which creates trust in the client. Pediatricians, on the other hand, prefer colorful acrylic that puts children at ease but is sufficiently professional to appeal to the parents, too. In short, your lobby sign says a lot about your business.

3. What material options are there?

Dimensional letter lobby sign
Dimensional letters offer a 3D effect.

Acrylics, metal and foam are the most commonly used materials for lobby signage products. Marble, bamboo and glass are not as frequently requested but are available. When clients request depth for the signage but like the beauty of metal, we suggest the painted foam as a substrate with a metal laminate. It provides the best of both worlds. Material combinations are common. In some cases, the layering of acrylic boards and design elements creates works of art that double as reception area signs. These are excellent for art galleries but also software firms.

4. How does the signmaker know how big to make the sign?

A: Our professionals first visit your location to get a good feel for your branding. We measure your focal wall and take into account the size of the furniture that you put in front of it. Next, our experts consult you on the use of materials, fonts and the sizing. This allows us to create sketches that capture your vision of the finished product. Once you give us the approval to proceed, we manufacture the sign and install it in your reception area. Members of the Kansas City business community commission, expertly bespeak their business philosophy and market to the clients, patients or customers who visit the office.

We know that you still have many questions about getting the right sign for your particular business. Call our professional signage makers today for more information on lobby signs in general and the type or marker that we could put together for your business. We make it easy to get a quote.