Sometimes a monument sign just isn’t enough. Why? In a word: height. The common monument sign is no taller than about five feet. It displays your message at eye height and incorporates beautifully with your landscaping. The pylon is tall and catches the eye of folks that are still quite a distance away. In fact, most pole signs are taller than the buildings that house the businesses they advertise.

If your business is located in an industrial area where distances between manufacturing plants and storage facilities measure in city blocks, it makes sense to erect a pylon and alert motorists in search of your company to your location. A pylon is also a good idea when your business is one of many that are situated along a highway, interstate or four-lane road. Vehicles travel at higher speeds, and catching the eye of drivers earlier is to your advantage.

However, you do not have to opt for the tallest pylon that we can manufacture. Mall management companies like to use pylons to display the names of the stores doing business at their venues, but they do so with signage that is of moderate heights and, therefore, suits the character of the area. Many of our business clients who order pylon signs will opt for lit versions to enhance the visibility of their messages.

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