Effective Design for your Vehicle SignsChoosing to brand your business vehicle proves to be an effective way to generate awareness and advertise your business in an affordable manner. However, the effectiveness of your effort also depends on how you choose to design the graphics for vehicles themselves. Here are some great tips:

Define your Goals

Before you start designing the vehicle’s graphics make sure you spell out what it is that you intend to achieve out of your car sign design. Do you intend to attract new customers for your physical business or store while driving down the highway? Or do you wish to drive more traffic to your online store? Your goals will help you define the size of the lettering of the content you will include and what to highlight where.

Choosing the Content

While there is no perfect answer to what company information goes on your trucks and vans, depending on your goals make sure you include your company logo along with your telephone, email and/or website URL. Depending on space you may also choose to list your services. If your goal is to generate new business, make sure that the focus of the design should be on how people should contact you. Also, for example, if you are an HVAC repair company, make sure that that “HVAC Repair” or a related key term is placed in a prominent manner.

It is ideal to get professional help when designing graphics for your business vehicles. Take some pictures of your van or truck in front of a solid background with decent lighting. Use this image as a base to insert all the elements that you want in the design. Finally, make sure you have the measurements of your vehicle handy to understand how every design element will scale in real life.