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The American Disability Act (ADA) protects the rights of all individuals with special needs. It ensures businesses and companies are treating everyone equally by practicing their inclusivity rights.

As a business, you can improve your customer satisfaction by providing a positive experience to special needs individuals when they visit your place of business. If they feel left out due to a lack of guidance, you will have failed the ADA guidelines.

ADA states that all companies must include ADA signs within their jurisdiction to help disabled people navigate easily. It’s a common belief that other generic signs are clear enough to do the job, but that’s the perspective of a business owner. When we look at the signs from the point of view of a disabled person, it becomes obvious how vital it is to have ADA-compliant signs.

Requirements for ADA Signs

ADA signs are important, but not all locations inside the building need them. You have to follow the government-mandated regulations for ADA-compliant signs. Public places like restrooms and elevators require ADA signs.

Aside from those, you also need to install these signs on floors, exit locations, and stairwells. If you have public rooms accessible to the general population, you’ll need to install ADA signs there as well.

Places like temporary rooms, company addresses and directories, advertisement signs, and temporary signage do not require ADA compliance. When you hire an expert sign company, you can rest assured that they will know all the rules when fabricating ADA signs for you.

How ADA Signs are Different From Other Signs

Creating ADA signs is achievable for a well-versed sign company because they know how different these signs can be from the regular ones. Apart from the symbols, there are many different guidelines, such as the color and font.

ADA signs have a high-contrasting color palette, so the symbols and words are easy to read for visually disabled people. With clear, bright colors, the signs also have a non-glare finish that removes glossiness from the sign material. As for the font, the characters are supposed to be sans serif, uppercase letters with proper spacing.

The signs should also use Braille characters of Grade 2. It means the words will be translated together instead of a letter-by-letter translation. These ADA signs also have appropriate symbols that warn disabled people if they are in a high-risk area.

Why Custom ADA Signs are Good for You

Any customer who feels welcomed at a company or business is happy to give them a chance. When you comply with the ADA rules, you are one step closer to gaining a loyal customer base belonging to different areas of life. It’s good for the success of your business!

You can follow the ADA guidelines to exist as a responsible citizen of society. You can set an example for others within your industry to facilitate disabled people and give them a chance to survive in the world.

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