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Custom Pylon & Pole Signs, Pylon signs are also referred to as a freestanding signs or pole signs. They are often selected for their durability and ability to withstand the elements while being able to stand tall and promote businesses from a great distance.

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You might not have heard the term pylon signage, but you certainly have seen plenty of them while traveling around the busy streets of Lenexa, Kansas. Pylon signage is an effective advertising tool primarily used by large and busy commercial establishments such as gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels. The customized pylon and pole signs usually have attractive and eye-catching advertisements to ensure maximum brand outreach and audience engagement. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will help you create unique and attractive pylon signage according to your brand’s needs. Read on to learn more about the types and importance of pylon and pole signs.

Types of Custom Pylon and Pole Signs

Customized pylon signs can be used for different purposes depending upon the marketing strategy, brand image, and the type of business you own. Listed below are the six common types of pylon and pole signage:

  • Single-Pole Mounted Pylon Sign: The signage comprises of a bold mounted sign on a single tall metal pole. The pole extends high up from the ground and can be created in both double and single-side forms.
  • Twin-Pole Mounted Pylon Sign: The signage consists of two metal poles to support the large mounted signage. The double-pole design offers a more rigid and stable structure than the single-pole signage.
  • Double-Sided Pylon Sign: It gives you the flexibility to advertise your brand on both the front and back sides of the signage. The signage is visible from all directions and is the perfect way to market your products and services on a busy road.
  • Single-Sided Pylon Sign: The signage is slightly less common than double-sided pylon signs. It is a perfect choice for businesses that are located on a one-way road.
  • Custom Lightbox Pole Sign: Just like the name itself, these rectangular signs are internally lit to provide maximum visibility at all times. The signage design can have either single or multiple lightboxes aligned according to the advertising need of the brand.
  • Covered-Pole Pylon Sign: The tall pylon signage comprises of a metal support pole covered with mortar and bricks to go with the architectural style of your commercial establishment. The covered-pole pylon sign is an ideal choice for business owners who prefer shorter signage.

Significance of Custom Pylon and Pole Signs

The pylon and pole signage height guarantees maximum visibility by making your signage visible from a reasonable distance to the passersby. This will attract new customers and give the motorists enough time to think about stopping at your commercial establishment. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics will provide you with a full spectrum of customization options- font, material, color, subject matter- to help you create unique signage. Another benefit of using custom pylon signage for advertising is that you can easily update them according to your brand’s needs. Forerunner Signs & Graphics custom pylon signs will also help you reinforce your brand’s identity to ensure maximum brand recognition and awareness.

Get High-Quality Custom Pylon and Pole Signs

Customized pylon and pole signage are undoubtedly among the most cost-effective, durable, and innovative solutions to your advertising needs. Contact Forerunner Signs & Graphics today to get your custom pylon and pole designs created!

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