Office Safety Signs Kansas CityMany business owners do not think of their office as a dangerous place. By and large, it usually is not. That said, remember that nobody plans to have an accident or encounter an emergency. For this reason, it makes sense to think ahead and install office safety signs for Kansas City venues. What are your options?

Wet Floor Signage

If you have an office kitchen with a sink, you have the potential of getting the floors wet. It only takes one spill to create a potentially hazardous condition inside your venue. If you do not need a wet floor cone, consider the use of a yellow A-frame sign that warns workers and clients to exercise caution until the floor has dried.

Tipping Hazards

Although offices move toward a paper-less business model with the cloud storage of documents, there are still plenty of documents from prior years left over. Storage for these includes the use of large filing cabinets. This type of office furniture has the drawback of presenting a tipping hazard when a heavier top drawer is opened. Warn your office workers to open cabinets slowly. A simple yellow sticker affixed to the fronts of your filing cabinets suffices.

Emergency Exit Signage

Emergency Exit Signs Kansas CityThese signs assist workers and clients if the need for an office evacuation arises. Remind everyone to use stairs in the case of a fire. A sign next to the elevator makes this clear. Another great safety investment is the display of an EVAC map. This allows everyone to orient themselves with respect to available exits. Usually, this is something that you would mount at the entrance to the stairwell as well as above the elevator buttons. We recommend the use of acrylic signage in your company colors.

Equipment Signage

When you think of ordering office safety signs for Kansas City, do not forget that sometimes it is your long-time employee who needs a reminder to handle office equipment safely. It is tempting to neglect the finger guard when operating the high-volume cutter, leaving the copier plugged in when clearing a jam or performing the types of maintenance tasks that should be done by a service technician. Although these workers have probably done so a dozen times, add warning or caution decals to your machines and underscore that you are serious about keeping your workers safe – even if it means some office machine downtime.

Putting in Your Order

ADA Safety Signs Kansas CityContact the professionals at Forerunner Signs & Graphics for more information on these signage products. Many of these products also require compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our experts provide you with an accurate assessment of whether your office needs to comply and how this compliance needs to take place. Whether you have not yet invested in any types of office safety signs at all or need an overhaul of your existing products, we can help.

If you have specialty signage needs for your office operations, we gladly create signage products from the ground up. We use a broad range of materials that fit in with your overall interior décor and incorporate your company’s colors whenever desired. Call us today get started.
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