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Making your office  interior look more professional and distinctive is not a choice anymore. Most business owners have realized that the interior space such as walls, doors, and even floors, can represent their brand identity and reflect their company’s values.

If you are among the business owners who want to transform their office environment and leave a positive impression on their clients, you must invest in custom office signs. From the main entrance to the smallest cubicle, every space in an office building requires signs.

While you can use the most basic plaques to represent them, we recommend custom signs to showcase your brand identity and help your customers or clients identify with your values. Here are the most common custom office signs:

Reception Area Signs

The first place your visitors notice about your office is the reception area. As soon as they enter, they can create the first impression about your company just by looking around the reception area and judging your level of professionalism.

If you have basic signage that does not represent your company values and answer their queries immediately, it will be hard to leave a positive mark. You can use different reception signs like channel letters and metal plaque signs to help your visitors find what they are looking for.

Lobby Signs:

Most offices share the workspace with different businesses as multi-organizational buildings, and shared-space offices are trending. If you have an office where you share the space with other businesses, we recommend using lobby signs to promote your unique identity.

Lobby signs are a great way to introduce your business to potential customers or passing visitors. They can know your business and grasp your company values by placing the right custom signs in the lobby area.

Wayfinding Signs:

Wayfinding or directional signs are crucial for any business, no matter how big or small the company is. They can impact customer experience and help them navigate the building with ease. New visitors can appreciate your efforts to use relevant wayfinding signs to save time and improve their experience. These signs are also helpful in managing crowds.

Nameplates or Office Door Signs:

Nameplates or office door signs play a vital role in the overall office signage system. Without a door or adjacent wall identifying the office of each employee, it becomes hard for visitors to find who they are looking for. Not only that, the door signs or nameplates also give a professional look to your office space.

Informational Signs:

You can use informational signs to display all the important information about your products or services with relevant details. They can be temporary signs if you have limited time offers, or you can use them as permanent signs to manage your visitors easily.

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