At Forerunner Signs & Graphics, we pride ourselves in high-quality, professional service no matter what the need.  We are known for creating, designing and installing top-notch interior and exterior signage.  However, sometimes we just need to pick up the baton for other industry professionals.

That’s why when we were called to install already-designed Channel Letter Signs to the exterior of a local Boston Market, we jumped on the opportunity.  You see, whether you’re a fellow sign company, design firm or business owner, you can contact us for your installation needs.  We work hard to prove that we are trusted installers for out-of-state sign companies and local design businesses.

We were contacted by an out-of-state sign company to retrofit L.E.D.s into Boston Market’s old neon letters and create new faces to restore the fresh look to the 24” and 30” exterior channel letter signs for the restaurant who’s mission it is to create ‘awesome rotisserie meals’.


First, we removed the old faces, patterned, and reinstalled them so we could start manufacturing the new faces for both the 24” & 30” sets.  Once the new faces were made, our expert team removed the old faces, Ripped all of the neon tubes and wires out of the sign and began retrofitting the L.E.D.s into the letter cans.  We then began wiring them up.

We completed the project by installing the new, red, acrylic letter faces.  The end project?  Looked better than new!  If you are in need of internal or external sign installation, contact us. No matter where your project starts, end it with the professional team at Forerunner!

Michael Ryan