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Restaurant signs have a vital role to play in inviting customers to your doorsteps. They are your first point of contact with your customer. This is why you need to invest in high-quality restaurant signs that contribute positively toward your brand image. This is where Forerunner Signs and Graphics can help you.

 We offer a wide variety of restaurant signs, which you can use to add some personality to your eatery and attract more and more customers to your restaurant. We make sure to keep our customers’ needs front and center and design bespoke signs that meet their standards.

Neon Signs

Here are some popular signs that we can design for your restaurant:

Channel Letters

Channel letters are classy, professional three-dimensional letters that you can mount above the entrance of your restaurant building. The best part about channel letters is that they are highly versatile and the customization options for them are endless!

You can opt for colored channel letters and have them retrofitted with LED lights. You can light these letters in different ways as well. A popular illumination choice for channel letters Is backlit channel letters. However, you can also opt for open-face or halo-lit channel letters. Similarly, you can mount these letters in various ways such as flush mount or raceway mount.

Window Graphics and Decals

Window graphics are a popular signage choice among restaurant owners due to their marketing capabilities. You can promote all sorts of weekly specials or promotional offers on these graphics. You can also use them to advertise scrumptious pictures of your food. These graphics can also display your name, logo, restaurant timings, and more.

You can also use perforated window decals to ensure the privacy of your customers. These graphics will allow you to see outside the window while protecting the inside of your restaurant from any outside intrusion. Alternatively, you can opt for static cling graphics as a temporary signage solution to advertise a seasonal special. These graphics are incredibly easy to install and remove.

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum signs are widely used by restaurant owners due to their incredible durability and malleability. These signs can be customized in any shape or size and are also quite cost-effective. Aluminum signs are ideal for outdoor usage as they are resistant to harsh weather and corrosion. You can use them to display your logo and brand name. You can also use a classy aluminum sign to display a wall-mounted menu inside your restaurant.   

Neon Signs

Neon signs have an undeniably charming appeal that makes them quite irresistible. The best part about using neon signs outside your restaurant is that they will invite customers to your doorsteps even at night due to their illumination. You can also use them as decorative indoor signs to spruce up the interior of your restaurant.


A-Frame signs have been a part of restaurants and cafes for a long time now. These customizable signs work exceptionally well when placed on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. You can use these signs to display causal witticisms, daily specials, your menu, and so much more. These signs provide you with the opportunity to utilize both sides of the frame for maximum coverage. You can customize them however you want to attract more customers to your restaurant.

Wall Graphics

Wal graphics have the potential of being one of the most widely used restaurant signs. You can use them to tell your origin story to your customers as a way to entertain them while they wait for their order. You can also use them to display your menu or highlight the delectable food that you serve at your place. When used correctly, wall graphics can add a lot to the overall ambiance of your restaurant and contribute to a positive customer experience.

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