Vehicle Wraps Olathe KSHave you already ordered your vehicle wraps? Olathe, KS, business owners from all niches are now participating in mobile marketing to generate name recognition and increase brand awareness. What got them on board?

Display Consistency

When you put an ad in the paper, you are at the mercy of the printer. Will they get the colors right? When you hire a billboard, the quality of the substrate and material determines if your message looks great or starts to unravel quickly. Vehicle wraps for Olathe KS businesses last for about five years. During this time, the marketing message remains in excellent shape, does not fade and will not peel off. Your treated vehicle looks as good toward the end of the wrap’s useful life as it does the moment it rolls out of our parking lot.

Always On

Olathe KS Vehicle wrapsVehicle wraps market around the clock. When your shop is closed for the night or over a long holiday weekend, your treated car, truck or van still displays its marketing message and appeals to passersby and motorists who see it. Imagine how many potential customers or clients see the vehicle wrap and its messages during business hours! Since you have the advantage of taking your advertising to where members of your target demographic work, live or play, you greatly increase your ability to open a marketing dialog with these consumers.

Putting Together the Right Wrap

You do not have to go it alone when it comes to putting together the look and messages of your wrap. The graphic artists at Forerunner Signs & Graphics work with you to present consumers with a persuasive marketing message against a creative advertising background. If you already have artwork on file, we incorporate it into the wrap. When you are just starting out, re-branding or not sure that you want to use the graphics you have, we gladly create a look from scratch.

Vehicle graphics Olathe KSThe background of the vehicle is what catches the eye of the consumer. We recommend a colorful appearance and perhaps some three-dimensional graphics for added visual appeal. In addition, it is possible to deepen the appearance of a base color with the application of subliminal images. This is particularly dramatic when you choose a dark color. Next, we discuss the wording of your message and the placement of the lettering and decals on your vehicle. If your paint job is already of a particular color that works well with the marketing message you want to show off, let us design a partial wrap that incorporates this hue. This saves you money and still makes the vehicle stand out.

If you would like to install the wraps to a fleet, we can adapt the finished wrap product to suit all types of vehicles. Whether you like the wrap to go on a full-sized moving truck or onto a delivery van, we scale down the sizing as needed to ensure a proportional look that complements the lines of the vehicle and is true to your message. Call our professionals today to discuss the design, manufacture and installation of the vehicle wraps Olathe, KS, consumers are sure to respond to.
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