Directional and Wayfinding Sign

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When a visitor enters your business or office space for the first time, it will be a little tricky for them to navigate the space as they’ll be unfamiliar with it. That is why directional signs are such a n important resource. They offer clear-cut directions and instructions based on the different sections within a space and ways to access them.  

Directional signs also help with avoiding confusion and chaos with crowd. We recommend installing directional signs in common spaces, parking lots, receptions, entrances, and across a large building or facility. These signs help the visitors get where they need to be. They save a lot of time and anxiety for first-time visitors. Let’s learn more about how these signs can be made effective and installed properly.

Use Installation Space Effectively

You need the help of an experienced sign company to design and install directional signs. Since these companies have years of experience with such signs, they are better equipped to make an effective use of these signs in making your space more functional. They understand the right text/space ratio that will help convey the message through a sign successfully. The right placement position and installation also needs to be judged beforehand. Often, one misplaced sign can cause a lot of haphazardness and confusion. Always test out the signage system before opening it up to the public.

Beware of Design errors

If you get a sign designed by amateur, they’ll be more likely to make design errors that render your directional system useless. Your directional signs need to have simple terms and clear directions. If you crowd them with too much information or misprint the arrows in the wrong direction, they will cause more trouble than ease. That is why, it is important to work with professionals who double-check each sign’s design before placing them. Consider doing a trial run with a selected people before you open up the space to everyone.

Install the Signs Correctly

Regardless of how much effort goes into designing a directional sign, it will not be useful until it is installed correctly. An experienced team of sign makers can take on this responsibility from your shoulders and ensure that a properly functioning directional system is installed. It is extremely important to have these signs installed at a place that offers the viewer enough time to make the correct decision about which way to go.  

Hire a local sign company!

At Forerunner Signs, we offer the services of highly experienced designers and sign makers who work closely with clients to create customized products as per each company’s needs. Our team is specifically experienced in creating directional signs. We will ensure that all your directional signs are designed thoughtfully and installed carefully to make your space easily navigable for visitors. Ready to book an appointment? Visit our website now to learn more! 

Michael Ryan