The Marketing Power of Wall Graphics

There is the landscape architect who added wall graphics depicting grassy areas in the lobby. This clever design wows clients who come in to discuss a complete redo of their landscapes. Next, there is the small business client who has chosen to include graphics of the company’s mission statement on the conference room wall. It reminds employees and clients what makes this company stand out from the rest. There are plenty of stories like that involving wall graphics, Kansas City businesses and the innovative signage makers at Forerunner Signs & Graphics.

What Makes A Great Wall Graphic?

wall graphics

Brand, market and sell with wall graphics!

Anyone can put together a sketch for a good wall graphic setup. Measure the room, choose the focal wall and assist the client with the selection of the images. Yet two features turn a good graphic into one that is great.

1. Modern print equipment. We rely on the use of an ultra modern digital printer. Working with the right equipment turns any picture into a vivid graphic that beckons viewers to step closer and examine the details.

2. Expert installation. Avoid the do-it-yourself murals that you find at the big-box home improvement store. Instead, go for the customized graphic that we cut to size for your space. The professional installation ensures the perfect fit of all seams and prevents the formation of bubbles that mar the look of the finished project.

Who Uses Wall Graphics?

unique wall graphics

Be unique with your wall graphics!

Who does not? Our business clients come from all niches. Bankers, doctors, service providers and storeowners have all found that the use of murals and graphics can have a huge impact on the look and feel of their offices or retail locations. Whether you are working with a smooth wall or one that features rough bricks, the vinyl we work with adheres well to all surfaces.

Getting Inspired

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Display products with wall graphics!

The wall murals Kansas City business owners choose underscore their branding, identify their niches and beautify the spaces in the process. They also contain marketing messages such as the company’s colors or a call to action. Our professionals routinely work with management teams who are searching for a way to make their lobbies more inviting while identifying means for making their customers more likely to buy.

In the individual office setting, executives like the idea of expressing their personalities with the help of wall graphics. Sometimes, these can be whole-wall murals that integrate company-specific imagery with the aspects of the business that appeal to the office occupant. At other times, a more personal look makes the most sense. We also work with homeowners who like to use murals and graphics in their houses to beautify the spaces. The applications for this budget-friendly technology are virtually endless.

Getting Started

Contact our graphic artists today for more information on wall murals and graphics. We work with you to discover your needs, pinpoint the look that you want to go for and select the right images for the spaces that you are working with. After manufacturing the vinyl products, we install them for a great look.