Event Banner Stands

Are you looking for a sign company for custom event signs? Here is all that you need to know and do!

Event signs are an excellent way to advertise and promote events of all kinds. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a small get-together, event signs can add flair to your event and make it more easily navigable for attendants.

You can use signage at an event for a variety of reasons. That is why you also have multiple options for event signage. From acrylic to plastic, you can choose any category to add more color and professionalism to your events.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of event signs that you can use!

Acrylic Awards

 If you’re hosting a corporate event for your company, then acrylic awards are one of the best options for you. You can use these to celebrate and honor your top-performing employees. You can also get customized awards made for guest speakers and people from other companies. Award signs are a great way of showing appreciation and acknowledging the services of others. Contact a sign company now for various options of award signs for your event.

A-frame Signs

A-frame signs are light and portable, so they are ideal for events. You can use them to display information or advertise different elements of the event. A professional sign company can help you create a variety of A-frame signs for your events. You can install them at multiple locations to help your guests navigate through the event space and get useful information easily.    

Custom Event Pop-ups

Custom event pop-ups are another popular choice for event signage. They are easily portable and excellent for displaying important information. You can also use them to promote different segments of the event.  

Custom Plastic Signs

Custom plastic signs can be sued for a variety of purposes at an event. You can use them to display the agenda or speakers list of the event. You can also promote certain products or services with the help of these signs.

Name Badges

Name badges are another popular choice for event signage. Name badges allow the event attendants to identify each other and communicate more effectively.

Hire a Professional Sign Company!

Hiring a professional sign company to design and install customized signs for your events will ensure that you get the best quality products. If you’re looking for such a company in Overland Park, KS, then visit our website now for the best quality signs!

Michael Ryan