Lobby Sign

Are you looking for a bespoke lobby sign for your office? Call Forerunner Signs and Graphics for lobby sign designing and installation today!

Lobby signs are an important part of every office building as they help you welcome your visitors and act as their first point of contact with your brand. This is why you must put some needed effort indesigning a well-crafted lobby sign that can serve its purpose successfully. This is where Forerunner Signs and Graphics can help you. We will design a bespoke lobby sign for you that will leave a lasting first impression on anyone who walks through your lobby.

Here are some popular types of lobby signs that we can create or you:


Panel Signs

As suggested by the name, these signs have a panel that can be made in various materials such as glass, frosted acrylic, brushed aluminum, and even wood. A panel lobby sign adds an architectural depth to your sign and makes it stand out. Such a sign is also easier to install and relocate.

Dimensional Logo Signs

Dimensional logos are a popular choice for lobby signs because they have an undeniable appeal to them. The dimensional nature of these signs makes them quite attractive. What’s more is that you have numerous choices for the material of your dimensional sign such as metal, metal laminates, and acrylic. In a dimensional sign, each letter and all the elements of your logo will be cut and mounted on your wall individually.

Backlit Lobby Signs

If you want your lobby sign to have a dramatic flair, then you must opt for a back-lit lobby sign. We make sure to create all of our back-lit lobby signs with low-voltage LED lights. Moreover, we offer numerous customization options for your sign, such as reverse-cut metal panels, individually fabricated backlit letters, and edge-lit glass signs.

Cut Metal Sign

You can also opt for a classic metal lobby sign. These signs have an undeniably sleek and professional look. You can choose between brass, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and cor-ten steel. As for the metal finishes, you can go for a polished, brushed, painted, or oxidized look.

Cut Acrylic Logos

When it comes to acrylic logos, you can choose from painted and pigmented acrylic colors for an attractive lobby sign. We offer various finishes for an acrylic sign, such as a crystal ice finish, which offers a frosted face and sides and a painted back. You can also opt for a metallic ice finish, which comes with a frosted face and sides and a metallic silver back.

The best part about coming to Forerunner Signs and Graphics to design your lobby sign is that we will also install your sign for you. This ensures that your sign doesn’t get damaged during the installation process and is installed according to your exact specifications. If you have opted for a complex mechanism, such as a back-lit sign, then we will take care of the wiring and any other technical aspects of the installation process as well.

If you want durable and elegant custom lobby signs, then visit our website today!