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Channel letter signs are a popular signage option for many kinds of businesses. Retail businesses often use these signs as their storefront signage. You may have noticed channel letter signs outside big brand outlets, shopping malls, pharmacies, and even restaurants. There is no limit to how a custom channel letter sign can be used. Given the high customizability of these signs, you can use for a variety of purposes.

Channel letters can be created in customized signs, colors, fonts, and designs. Let’s learn more about these signs in further detail below!

Big, Bold, and Hard to Miss

Channel letter signs are often big and bold, which makes them hard to miss. Channel letters signs are created by assembling individual 3-dimensional letters in order to create the name of a business or any other wording or phrase. These individual letters make the sign very prominent, which means they can grab attention of potential customers even from a distance.

You can decide your choice of fonts and colors and a local sign company can create the perfect sign for you. These signs can be installed on walls, on a separate foundation, or near the surface. There are multiple ways to install these signs and you can choose what works best for you.

Light it Up

Channel letter signs also have the option of illumination. You can have LED illumination installed on your sign to make it more visible. Channel letters signs can be illuminated in two ways. The first type of illumination is called front-lit illuminated signs. This type of illumination creates a bright glow that emerges from the front surface of the letters. The other type of illumination is called the back-lit or halo0lit channel letters. These signs have the LED lights attached at the backside of the letters, creating a halo and warm glow.

The biggest advantage of illuminated channel letters is that they make your business visible 24/7. Your signage will continue to attract potential customers even at night time. Moreover, you can use LED slights to significantly reduce your energy costs as they are very eco-friendly.

Low Maintenance and High Results

Another reason why custom channel letter signs are an excellent choice is the fact that they are very low maintenance. Once a sign company install the sign for you, you’ll not have to do much to maintain it. Apart from the regular cleaning and light checkup, you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Additionally, these signs are weather resistant and made from sturdy material. This means that they’ll have a very long life and you will not have to worry about repairs or replacements for years to come.

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