Sign company for Olathe businesses
Learn about the sign company you choose for your Olathe business!

Which is the right sign company Olathe, KS, businesses can trust? With industrial parks among the dominant sights in the commercial landscape, there are plenty of retail and service businesses rubbing elbows with Honeywell, Garmin and Farmers Insurance Group that have established themselves in Olathe.

There are also educational facilities needing signs, a transit system that relies on signage for safety, and organizations that need the types of products that can easily withstand anything the winter or summer seasons might throw at them. Finding the right company to handle all the signage needs of the local economy is a key element. Here are the questions you should ask potential sign companies before choosing a sign company for your business.

What Signage Products Do You Offer?

Beware the one-trick-pony. You want to do business with a company that features a comprehensive repertoire of signage products for all occasions. Whether you need vinyl window lettering, a trade show display or an exterior building marker, the company should competently handle them all.

What Materials Do You Work With?

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Don’t forget to ask your sign company about graphic design experience!

The correct answer is: What would you like? While most signage makers work with aluminum, some other metals, acrylics, PVC and foam, look for the professional that offers you other options, too. For example, the professional should not shrink back from using wood, glass or marble as well as other metals like brass or copper.

How Innovative Are You?

Let’s say that you are thinking of adding lettering to your windowpanes. This is a common enough signage solution that most companies should be competent to handle. Yet what about the out-of-the-box uses for the lettering? Why not also add lettering to your vehicle, the storefront’s walls, to the helmets your workers wear or to the magnetic signage you are already using? In short, work with someone who can take your vision and bring it to the next level.

What Type of Equipment Do You Use?

Look for the professional who invests in high-tech gadgets. When you see two digital prints of a tree side by side, you can easily pick out the one that comes from an older model printer. Technology advances rapidly. The signage maker must keep up to meet the steadily more refined tastes of consumers.

Can You Also Make…?

The sign shop Olathe, KS, business owners can trust will offer a broad range of signage services and products. Whether it’s a channel letter, lightbox cabinet or lobby sign, these professionals handle them all. They feature signage packages for your niche, are comfortable with using a theme and creating multiple signage products, and do not flinch when you want to add more exotic signage applications to the mix. After all, who doesn’t love imprinted footballs as signage? The point is, you want one shop that handles all of your marker needs.

The experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics meet this profile. We are just as comfortable with budget-friendly outdoor signage as we are with high-dollar indoor markers. If you can envision it, we can sketch it, manufacture it and then professionally install it. Call us today for more information on how to get your signage order started.