Dimensional-Signs-for-Your-Office-LobbyDimensional letters can be a great addition to your office lobby. For starters, they add an extra aesthetic appeal to your office that you might have overlooked until now. And to customers and clients, they might act as a guidepost to find your office. Below, we’ve mentioned more reasons for you to consider using dimensional signs for your office lobby.

They add versatility

This is one of the biggest benefits of using dimensional signs. Dimensional signs are cut or formed, making it easier to create more out of them. Business signs can be molded out of plastic or can be laser cut from acrylic after which they can be painted. Because of this, you aren’t limited to only a few typefaces. In short, dimensional signs give your lobby that extra…dimension.

They are cost effective

Creating dimensional signs for your lobby is very affordable. They cost nearly half the cost of a metal sign. Moreover, while these signs might look quite thin and unassuming in your hand, they remain outdoor rated and very durable. And when mounted to a wall, they tend to look quite stylish and professional and even look more expensive than they are.

They are easily installable

Plastic and acrylic dimensional signs are very easy to mount. Although they come with mounting hardware, in many cases, it really isn’t required. Simple double-sided tapes will suffice. They also come with a guide pattern so that your letters can be evenly spaced. As for outdoor surfaces like wood and brick, the only additional step is to drill holes into the guide.

So don’t think twice. Just pick the right sign company and tell them what you need!