With the changing weather, it’s a good time to evaluate whether or not your exterior business sign can withstand the harsh conditions that will soon be coming our way.  After all, in Denver, they’ve already experienced an ice storm.  In the Greater Kansas City area, we have seen temperature fluctuate so drastically, that we’re hesitant to bring out our winter gear and completely put away our summer accessories.  But when you are considering a sign for your business, weather sustainability is just one thing to keep in mind.

Size, color, proportion, design, materials, lighting, and mounting methods are some of the key factors to consider when choosing your exterior sign. Thinking beyond the basics will save you time initially and will give you best ROI (Return on Investment). What does that mean, to think beyond the basics?

Again, sign maintenance and how your sign will handle the weather are primary considerations. But, there are other unfortunate factors to consider – like vandalism. What if a graffiti artist decided to use your sign as his canvas? How easy would it be to return it to good-as-new condition?

Of course, your immediate concern is the sign’s 24/7 visual appeal. Remember, your sign won’t exist in a vacuum. Other signs, traffic, and lighting conditions are just a few of the things competing for your prospects’ attention. And what if your logo changes next year? Our sign experts at Forerunner Signs & Graphics take all of these possibilities into account when we design your exterior signs. From updating old neon signs to weighing the way consumers view LEDs, vinyl graphics, and wayfinding signs, you have a lot to consider.

Cabinet signs are another option.  And no, these aren’t for your kitchen.  These are sturdy, outdoor signs that not only withstand harsh weather conditions, but provide an excellent ROI.

Cabinet Signs

Whether recessed or tiered, illuminated or two-sided, cabinet signs can promote your business and can be customized to convey the look and image you want. A standard cabinet sign is generally quite economical, offering a quick return on investment. (ROI) A variety of materials can be used in cabinet signs, and cabinet signs can be designed to be wall-mounted, or installed to be used as free-standing signs.

A cabinet sign is a good option for a new business with a limited budget. While cabinet signs offer a low-cost alternative to other signage, when done well they can effectively brand your business.


The starting point for an internally illuminated cabinet sign is a high quality aluminum extrusion cabinet with a durable polycarbonate face with vinyl graphics. You can step up the appearance of a cabinet sign by utilizing an aluminum face with routed graphics, backed with plexi. Another upgrade many businesses select is the addition of dimensional, push-thru graphics with raised acrylic lettering that will illuminate.

Illumination and energy use

The standard illumination for sign cabinets is fluorescent lamps. More energy-efficient T5s and T12s are increasingly popular lighting options. A greener alternative that does add cost but will ensure less service work is a cabinet illuminated with LEDs.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right sign for your business.  With decades of experience, the expert team at Forerunner Signs will be happy to discuss options with you.  From concept to creation to installation, we’re there for you every step of the way.